QLU project

Prayer for Divine Feminine Healing

May I clear all energies that are stuck when it is about

My sexuality, created by the unresolved game

Between power and sexual disease.

Accepting and allowing all experiences

In past, present and future

By releasing shame, guilt, regrets,

Pain, hurt, sorrow.

Emotional, physical and psychological

To be released, healed and rebalanced

Through Love.

I am sorry, I forgive you, I thank you and

I love you,

By bringing in the Devine Feminine Energy

To help healing and rebalancing,

When sorrow is part of your daily routine

This full Moon is a special one, where the emotions are running high. For me, the absence of my beloved in my day to day life here on this planet is felt with a lot of different feelings. Where the emotions differ from day to day and sometimes from moment to moment. There are days where his love and presence is felt throughout the day in messages that are being brought through the veil. It might be the Heron standing along the waterside close by our home. Other times it comes through a song, or a word, or simply between my breath when I inhale and consciously exhale.

When the dust settles down again

When dust settles down by Rhea Dopmeijer

When the dust settles down again

The residue will be cleared and recognized

As well the strings that are attached

With the emotional and mental issues

That are connected with it.

We go through every step of processing

Once we start to become aware and 

Full of consciousness about it

The way it will be sensed or perceived

Will differ from person to person.

It is the inner source that is reflected

With the higher source once it is clear

And the  crystalline energy will mirror

Should I, or shouldn’t I

Should I stay or should I go

Should I stay or should I go

When all things are shifting around.

Will I be able to go with the flow

And release anything that holds

Even the familiar ones.

On a threshold, standing my ground

I love to take this step forward

Weather or not it feels sound.

Should I take this step into the unknown

Or be on the safe ground I know.

Good times are coming,

 I am sure I will be found.

Maybe this will get easier

When time passes by

Or when the birds are flocking


Each page is to be shared I am told, Each message is to be written
When I said I am here for you to speak
The silence was deafening at first.
You were not coming in with big words
Or grand gestures to be known.
It took me time to get comfortable with
The nudges as well the little pushes
That made me aware of what was going on.
Sometimes it is just the line of a song,
Other times a hug from a child unexpectedly
That make me conscious of my own energy
Reflected by the acts of others around me.

When travelers meet on their journey


When we meet our fellow travelers on our journey we call Life

There is something that connects us and binds us together.

Sometimes it is for a short while we walk together

Other times it is for a longer period of time, something

We call it a lifetime span.

Lovers meet each other along the path ways that the soul

Has set for them in order to create expansion as well

A truly Heartfelt renewal that will bring forth more love.

When we are aware of the way our souls meet 

When memories come flooding in

 On this day the memories are flooding in

Remembering the final phases of a life time

The breaking point as well the surrendering

Yet still strong connected through will and spirit

The dignity you held through the passing

Honoring those you held so dear

Each in their own way sharing your love

And giving them the gifts through words

As well your intense awareness .

You are standing tall and bright

After releasing all layers that needed to be shed

Earning your wings through your courage

A poem is worth more than a billion pixels

Irish Tomb Raider

I had never felt so empowered. I had expressed myself, healed myself, entertained myself, recorded myself and I had changed the way I felt. All through the simple act of writing a poem.

I hadn't intended to write a poem indeed nothing had been further from my mind because I was on an archaeological field trip. In Ireland last summer.

You could tell it was summer because the trees were green and the kids were out of school but the cold wind and rain made it feel like winter, or possibly like summer, in Patagonia.

The Stand...


I stand - Firmly grounded to the earth with my arms pointed toward the sky.. Fingertips connecting to the sun, allowing its brilliant light to flow through me.

I feel the wind, and I am guided by its direction. I RUN! Only to turn occasionally to face the shadows that try to fill my sacred space.

I AM FREE! I am free of the shackles built from stagnant ways. I am seeing a clear path ahead, one which does not intersect with a truth limited by fear and hidden confessions.