Be the Master of your own Creation

If you don’t want things to escalate,
then don’t react to the energy of the moment.
Keep breathing and stay focused
on the positive outcome you visualize.
Action <-> Re-action will not heal any
troubling situation if the root of the issue
isn’t been addressed and admitted.


There is a need in any counterpart
that needs healing and balance.
In every action and reaction
the core issue is love or lack of it.
So, to make sure your vision of outcome
will be reality,
go deep within and acknowledge
the part in yourself that is being addressed.
For there is the primary need of healing
all it needs is affirmation,
from you to be able to say – I see You,
hidden behind fear or anxiety as result.
Core cause needs to be healed and addressed,
which will create a different outcome
and the initial action <-> re-action will
be changed if you change the core of the issue
where fear has no part in the equation
any longer, you liberate yourself.
This is the way of the Creator
and the more you can,
take yourself into the abyss of
emotional wounds and fears,
caused by lack of fear, LOVE,
you will be the Master of your own
And so, it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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