When moving is the only option left

Facing changes is not always easy and sometimes we want to avoid them. Mostly because we have no
clue what the change will bring and this insecurity can put you on hold when fear is part of the change.
Whatever we are facing, if we can be bold enough to take the next step necessary, it will bring you what
you expected or wanted, or it might bring you the least expected change.

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Our Innate Nature

Whenever we are facing difficulties,
it is up to us to choose the way to react.
Within every action and reaction is the intention
of our thoughts and feelings the compass
on the outcome of every experience.
We are the mirror reflection of Life’s highest
expression of creation as a human being.

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I AM here

With an open heart and mind
Sensing the joyfulness within my being
The sense as well of being on the verge
Of something profound and life-changing
The feeling of curiosity and anticipation
All wrapped up in one

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Connected Heartfelt with Nature is a Gift

I was thinking about what to write to share my sensation or feelings today as well as yesterday. The pictures
I took were not at all I wanted to express during my walk in the early evening hours. It started at first with
the Sun still behind the clouds yet already very intense in its light. Too bright to look into it. Coming up to
the path leading me to the big tall tree covered with some kind of bindweed attached to it. Someone told
me this plant was also connected with the energy of Lemuria.

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Co-creation with Nature

“Healing with the clean, pure, beautiful agents of nature is surely the one method of all which appeals to
most of us”
– Dr. Edward Bach, 1936

Co-creation with Nature

In 1980 I came across the book written by Dorothy Maclean, titled “to hear the angels sing”, An Odyssey
of co-creation with the Devic Kingdom – a Findhorn book.

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It is all-in the eye of the beholder

Each of us wants to have a sign or signal that our departed loved ones are still in touch with us. Or
put in another way, there is life after death. Not all energy is gone. Even those who don’t believe in
any kind of religion hold this longing deep within the heart. For that is the place where it comes from
when the loving connection we have is powerful significant and strong.

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When you want to perform to be the best you can be

Sometimes people want you to perform and deliver your best effort, in order to challenge you to do the best you can. When this is out of love, it will be not just a challenge, it is also about trust for the best interest they have in you. I think we all know those attempts to perform, one way or the other. In so many areas there is this demand to perform in something you are not always comfortable in. We know how to excel in those we are good at, comes naturally, or gained through hard work and perseverance.  In this case, it is about writing an article about the topic Perform which includes performance as well the need to be able to deliver something worth reading.

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When memories pop up

Waking up this morning my mom came to mind. What was more a memory of an incident that happened
over 9 years ago? She was hit by a stroke, not able to speak, and extremely ill. I was with her while this
happened and all I could see was the fear in her eyes. Not able to move, not able to vocalize, trapped in
her body. It also was like a kind of, what would have happened if nobody had been there. This moment
in time came back in like a boomerang.

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When soul agreement becomes reality

2 souls came together in this lifetime, each with a different role to play, yet solely to create awareness
and consciousness about the energy that creates fear, hate, as well the ultimate option to choose for
freedom and love on a world scale. It takes a lot of courage on both sides to play the roles they were
committed to, by soul contract.

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