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Common Grounds

Once we were the pioneers
and for a while everything we stood for was important
to share into a world which wasn’t ready Yet,
or should I say people the vast majority wasn’t
and it didn’t keep us from going forward.

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A Lifetime of Insomnia

An early start

I am a British artist living in the North of England and I thought I’d share some of my experiences of
insomnia in case it resonates with anyone else or raises awareness about the condition.

I have had insomnia nearly all my life, indeed I have had it for 58 years – I mean, being unable to get
to sleep at all has been 95% of the problem; 5% has been that I’ve been able to get to sleep only for
a very short time, or get to sleep for a short time but not get any restorative sleep, or get to sleep
but constantly wake up.

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What is it about Nature, or the nature of it all?

What does your ‘Prakriti’ or your Dosha Composition mean?

The word ‘Prakriti’ literally means ‘nature’. So simply put ‘Prakriti’ means the very basic nature that you
were born with. It describes the various attributes that are unique to you and that includes your physical
features, the functioning of your body and your activities and last but not least your psyche!

How do you get a Prakriti or a particular body type?
Much like genes, your Prakriti has been transferred to you through your parents who also in turn had a
body type or ‘prakriti’ of their own transferred to them by their parents and so on.

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How to respond to the dualism in spiritual terms

We all realize we are living in a world where dualism plays a major part in our lives, don’t we? As we are
aware of the way dark and light are holding each other in balance, sometimes out of balance, yet we all
say without dark there is no light, without cold, there is no hot, or is it just about sensations we feel with
our senses? As there is a difference between being rich or poor or is it about the perspective we look at
those terms?

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