Whispers from above

They speak of words such as, “Earth”, “Mother”, “Sage” with you.
Every day, you find this space for reaching deep inside, not only inside your Self but also into Earth.
They encourage this practice you have of bringing things together.
Like seeing the beautiful skies above you and wrapping all Earth around you.
Your eyes SEE well into the hearts of those around you.


It is amazing to witness how quickly your Spirit knows and understands the hearts of others. You bring to Earth this steady energy of calm when all else is chaos. This benefits everyone you touch.
For with just a mere glance or subtle smile from you, their fears are released and they see the shores of tranquillity that rest in your comforting ways.
You are here to encourage and lift up all those who feel forsaken.
You know great love and deep sorrows.
With these two energies, you navigate through emotional waters most fear even see.
Your written words and gestures are like glistening dew upon the fresh grasses of Spring.
You are eternal this way.
For each day, like the morning dew, you revive and feed what has withered and dried in others.
You replenish Hope and offer Grace so that the steps taken of those who are following you come to know comfort in their darkest days.
So many times you could have chosen other ways of living.
But each time, you chose LOVE.
LOVE is so powerful all around you.
You are climbing mountains and seeing stars that shine aeons away.
This is fulfilling lifetimes where Spirit knew of these mountains and skies but did not behold them.
In this life, Spirit is completing this cycle of ascension.
Trust in each word you write and send out.
Hold strong Faith in each word you speak.
For these written and spoken words heal more people than you know.
Each year will bring you more poignant moments of cosmic connection in The Quantum.
Release all the messages you receive.
For each is of importance to some other that waits for your message.
They are encouraging you and often are sending you signs.
They say you are very good about seeing and understanding SIGNS.
This will increase greatly now.
These days coming are filled with intoxicating moments of delight knowing what you hear and see is REALity.
You have no doubt
Take delight where you find it. For when your heart is singing, Earth joins in the song.
Remember this the most for now…
YOUR SPIRIT is the sweet morning dew that replenishes what is thirsty from a night of darkness.
Cover Earth with dew
This BE the whispered words from Above

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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