Sweet Love, one aspect of many of love

Sweet Love, one aspect of many of love

Here I am baby, all those songs passing my mindset, after following the emotions that are being brought up again. In a different form and from a different aspect, yet the missing and sense of being alone. Or I should say, on my own again. A new process, a new beginning, and release of lingering emotions that cover the past 2 years

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What is it about the power of imagination

What is it about the Power of Imagination?

Do you know how unique you are being Human,

The only race on this beautiful planet we call Earth,

With the power of imagination.

The animal kingdom and Nature are not able

To imagine a different perspective like us.

In truth, the way we perceive our inner world,

Reflects the way we are able to use our imagination

Being limited to a certain way of thinking

Is also restraining the length or depth of it.

With an open mind you are able to see an expanded reality,

With an outcome we normally couldn’t imagine or

Make it come through as well.

The Power of Imagination is something that has

Brought forth a lot of inspirational messengers.

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When travelers meet on their journey

When we meet our fellow travelers on our journey we call Life

There is something that connects us and binds us together.

Sometimes it is for a short while we walk together

Other times it is for a longer period of time, something

We call it a lifetime span.

Lovers meet each other along the path ways that the soul

Has set for them in order to create expansion as well

A truly Heartfelt renewal that will bring forth more love.

When we are aware of the way our souls meet

As ships sometimes on sea, sometimes with storms

Other times on tranquil waters we realize the importance

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When memories come flooding in

On this day the memories are flooding in

Remembering the final phases of a life time

The breaking point as well the surrendering

Yet still strong connected through will and spirit

The dignity you held through the passing

Honoring those you held so dear

Each in their own way sharing your love

And giving them the gifts through words

As well your intense awareness.

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