Our Innate Nature

Whenever we are facing difficulties,
it is up to us to choose the way to react.
Within every action and reaction is the intention
of our thoughts and feelings the compass
on the outcome of every experience.
We are the mirror reflection of Life’s highest
expression of creation as a human being.


In every encounter, we can see our outcome
of the intent, we choose to make.
Our innate nature is one of Love and Expression
of Light,
yet blocked so often by the opposite energy
as a default, after choosing the duality way
to experience the positive as well the negative,
the female as well the male energies within
to bring it back the balance and reunion of our
innate Nature, our inner Divine Spark.
By connecting with the highest good in our development
through the ages and stages of our life
we are able to create a different outcome
cause we are capable of changing our polarity as well.
Our inner Core presence is connected with the
Energy from the Field we are coming from.
The highest Energy which is a neutral state
and we choose how to make use of it.
So by listening to our direct Channel with Source,
our innate Nature will be shining through
our Hearts Essence and Love for Self.
From within our natural flow of loving unconditionally
we will connect and mirror in every encounter
we have with every part of creation, in any form
or shape.
For this is the Natural State of Creation.
And so it is.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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