What is it about disappointment?

You can see the vision of the high ground
And still, feel the emotions of disappointment.
It will be something to be dealt with as well
The feelings of love and compassion.
Each time in space you have been wounded
By neglect or just simply abandonment
You can reason and release the discomfort.
Yet the emotions over the past lives
That hasn’t been healed will be addressed
In your emotional body as well.


Time to take a good look at what it is
That Is creating this sense of sorrow.
You are responsible for your own creation
Over time and time, to be all that you can be.
Yet there are always challenges in the new
Experiences as well the ancient ones,
For they all are inner connected and entwined.
So if there is something going on right now
That is triggering this old emotional wounds
Of disappointment in the way people reacted,
This will also be reflected during this life path.
You will and can learn the difference
Between expectations and disappointment
For they are connected with each other
As well singular and standing on its own.
The way you can clear your path from expectations
Will tell you a lot of how your resilience is
Against disappointment, unless it’s a lesson to learn.
There is always this connection where you can hold
A high standard for yourself where the other is not
Able to do the same, caused by the experiences
Or due to lifetime wounds as well to heal.
It still will be connected with your own needs
At that moment to feel nourished or taken care of
That might create this sense of disappointment.
You make an appointment with your soul

In order to learn the lessons through disappointment
So you can heal this need or dependency on the other
Would you be able to know you can find this within
It would change the outcome of your experience.
It takes courage and boldness to let go of this entirely
Because it means the love you have for yourself
Is strong and big enough to make the appointment
With yourself instead of being depending on someone else.
Along the way, you will learn through the life lessons
Where you can trust yourself enough to hold on to
Your own standard and while doing so will heal and
Release any old emotional wounds that are still lingering
And waiting for you to come forth and bring in the love
And care for yourself as an appointment made in your
Souls agreement every lifetime you will have.
Knowing the safe and loving inner space within
Will shield you from any disappointment,
Past, present, and future wise.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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