Communication with Yourself

Communication with yourself
To be brutally honest with oneself
takes courage and boldness,
for it is far easier
to put the blame on exterior situations.
Not victimizing oneself,
but standing tall and head held high
to look the truth in the face.


For as long as you cannot do this
you will not be able to look at yourself
every time you meet in the mirror and
the entire negative will haunt you,
all the memories will stir up
distorting the surface of your reflection.
Only love to oneself
enables you to step up to the plate
and not just by asking for forgiveness.
Indeed, that is a major part of this process
yet also be able to see this experience
as part of a bigger healing process.
To heal any old wounds and patterns
that has led you to this moment in time.
Once you can say thank you for creating
exactly the experience you need
although this might have been
involuntary, unwillingly, and even unaware,
you are the one that sets things in motion.
Your Soul always knows exactly
what it is you need at any specific time.
Then you cannot only acknowledge this and
thank your own inner wisdom.
You can also say I am sorry, and I am taking
full responsibility again by thanking,
forgiving and at the end you can feel
this deeper sense of loving,
which will create more space
than you ever could have imagined.
You will be able to see with more clarity
then before the reason behind the experiences.
For they all have one common ground:

to restore the true loving, You
in all its glory and taking you by the hand
to bring you Home, again, in the highest possible
connection with your Soul and to Be-come
this Heartfelt, Compassionate, Unconditional Sacred Heart,
which you always have been,
which is the drive, the passion
behind every situation that needs healing.
For you to see You,
To Re-member Who You Are.
More than just this Human Being,
the Multidimensional Being
You are in your deepest inner core
in communication with your Self.
And so, it will be.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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