Rhea Dopmeijer

Rhea Dopmeijer

Location:   Kampen, The Netherlands

Languages:   English, Dutch, French and some German

Spiritual advisor, Kundalini Reiki Master, Coach and Counselor, Energetic Therapist, Empath, Social Worker, Shaumbra

“I belong to no religion. My religion is love. Every heart is my temple” - Rumi

I came into this world as the oldest of 3 daughters and was born in the vicarage of the priest since my parents were waiting for their house in a new to build town. During the 2nd World War part of the sea was laid dry and there arose a polder which was to become a new habitat for people who were selected as pioneers from every province. Maybe this was already an omen for my future involvement with spirituality.

Before my life started to change I grew up in this experimental new community where everyone had to work together and even all dialects had to shift to the more common Dutch language for people to understand each other. I grew up in a catholic family and Archangel Michael was the guardian of the church. Compared with the other parts of the country we had a liberal view on religion and this new society didn’t have the history which the “old” land had to deal with. Family patterns that were brought into every generation when it comes to abuse or addiction were not a common thing in our town which I didn’t realize till later.

My catalyst for change was the fact that I was having physical problems at an early age and my journey started at the age of 22 after surgery and being told by specialists I had to learn to live with it, because they didn’t know how to treat it and there was no cure. Immediately there was something inside me that said no way I am going to accept this for the rest of my life without checking, reading, learning all about this disease within my body causing me to adjust and limited me in a lot of ways.

My body has always been in for a lot of unexplainable diseases even as a kid and a youngster, so it became clear to me my journey would lead on the path of healing and energy. I started to read up on anything I could find in the alternative circuit at that time, the spiritual pathways, which were not as common as they are now. My first education was about the holistic vision, as we are more than one component, body mind and soul and started to learn about homeopathy, phytotherapy, numerology, astrology and everything that had this connection with our inner being.

How I changed became more present after my journey through the alternative spiritual world and stepping out of the box so to speak when I had finished my training as Spiritual Healer at the Academy Psychosofia. I started my own practice as a reflexology therapist, which included a pretty accepted way to teach people the connection between body and their emotional, physical and mental state of mind as well as the explanation on deeper levels to help them grow and start to learn to re balance again within themselves.

What I learned about myself

This didn’t brought me my own healing, yet it taught me a lot and not just about my own way of dealing with issues, trauma, discomfort, experiences, for everyone I met and had the privilege of lending a hand so to speak taught me more and more about the entwined and deeper connections we normally won’t look at. I started to become a spiritual healer in my late twenties and after 4 years I had acquired a lot of knowledge about the way our body mind and soul are working together in order to bring in the experiences we need to grow and learn on many different layers, yet always for the highest good of ourself. I learned that what was considered weakness brought forth my strength and perseverance enabled me to dive in deeper within my soul and hearts experience than I ever have imagined I could.

The positive ways that is has impacted my life that it enabled me to be the chronic student, always eager to learn and to gather more wisdom, love reading books and writing my own articles and blogs for I always have been a writer and this time I could put my talent into business so to speak.

I chose to start also my Bachelor at age 38 to become a Social Worker, specialized in Women’s Therapy and have been working in a hospital, a psychic hospital and then changed my direction to work with women and children who came for safety and rescue from their own homes and found some kind of safety in the shelter for battered women. I started to work with the group as well individual as Social Worker and Group Worker and also created the groups therapy with music, meditation and body work to help them reconnect again with their own being. It was then I realized all I wanted is to be like a tour guide and help to rekindle the spark within the Heart of every woman I was helping out and just enable them to feel safe, for this is a basic need for everyone. That is the only way we can make a start to wake up our own inner hero to make the first steps again, after been forced, beaten, through mental and physical abuse. There I discovered my true passion in working with women specifically to be re-united again with their own Divine Feminine side, to bring in healing and balance again, not just for the individual woman, also for womanhood as a whole.

After 4 years I changed my work field again to become a social worker in the nursing homes and worked with the caretakers as well the clients we had to admit because of their incapacity to live on their own, depending on care 24/7, either caused by dis-eases, mental or physical and disabling them to stay in their own home. I worked with every client to aid and assist the caretakers as well in this difficult phase of their life. Using all my knowledge about the deeper layers I always knew I have to adjust all of this knowing through language and connection with every single one of them to reach out and reach in to help out in this process. You can only be of assistance if the other is willing to accept any guidance, care, information and then to their level, way of life, way of thinking if you want to make a difference for their highest good at that time.

The positive ways that my transformation has affect others’ lives is the way how they react on a loving and understand approach with an open mind which gives them the sense of safety and learning to trust again. Being open upfront creates a relationship where differences are not opposites and can be embraced instead of being denied. I love the dialogue not so much a discussion and mutual respect for the opinion of each other. We always mirror each other and we can choose how we want the other to relate to us, so I choose Love and Compassion, Kindness and Honesty as tools.

Now you may ask me how my own inner journey went after being waked up so promptly at the time, I can tell you I am amazed and grateful for every encounter and experience I had through my lifetime and learned to read the signs my body is sharing with me to know when it is time to be still, listen, and let the process inside do its own work in healing and adjusting, for every cell in my body is like a universe of its own like the sand grains on a beach or the drop in the ocean. They make a whole and are unique as well as one, so is the connection between our physical, mental and emotional body.

I hope to be of assistance for a long time to come and do what I do best… Be there for you in a loving Heartfelt Connection - I see You.

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