Those moments you feel the Heart tug

This is one of these days I feel the tug in my Heart, bringing up energy of different emotions. It is a little bit of sorrow, a few tears who want to well up in my eyes. It is a lot of a wave of Love, the way I know I feel for my beloved, feeling and sensing his energy around me as well within.

Even though we are living on either side of the veil, our connection is as strong if not stronger then the time we were spending together this lifetime. Partners, lovers, friends as well twin soul, which wasn’t always the easiest way for us, yet the way we chose. Committed to the core of our Heart and Souls mission to bring in healing as well re-balancing the Love energy that connects us as One.


Able to sense his energy without being in his presence, or reading our minds by telepathy, that hasn’t changed after his transition. There are so many ways we can connect though all those different material signs. Yet this tug in my Heart is the most profound and goes through every layer I might still have.

He knows I am longing for this material presence, as he is missing this as well. The feeling of being held, trusted and wanted, the safe space we created for each other to be all we could be. Communication has many forms, by eye contact, by speech, by touch, by loving one another. All ways to share the heart pull and energy that goes beyond the physical even.

You stirred up my emotional as well as my physical being, coloring the air with your love and presence. I am aware of your own growth process on the other side of the veil. Going through the different phases, by telling me and letting me know through music and thoughts welling up. I am growing with you simultaneously, as well as moving forward on my path I am on right now.

I am seized with emotion that is stirring up out of the blue, although it was already sensed in a distance. It is this feeling of coming home, with you, as well as sharing space with you between every breath. This I know consciously, for that is our commitment we made with each other. Only this sensation felt like a tug at my heart, a bit of a reminder of how strongly we are connected.

That moment I feel this Heart sensation, coming forth through my day to day presence is so powerful and precious. It also feels like a new message you are sending me. It started a smile on my face, tears in my eyes and a sense of completion. Maybe that is what this was about. You are completing the process on the other side in order to be ready for your next journey.

As such a sign to make sure there is nothing left for me to hold on to any kind of energy in order to move forward. It is done. Moving forward on my journey for as long as I will spend this lifetime here. United we will be again in one form or another. To enfold the petals of the flowers of our Heart essence, our Soul connection blossoming in a new and different way.

So much love

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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