Reaching within your inner core

There has been said a lot about the core of something, the core of the matter. Yet about the core of our inner being, is a different way of looking at yourself. Now, this is not something we are being taught at school. Maybe in some schools with a different perspective, more tuned into the spiritual ways of life.

So how can we be more aware of this inner source, that is much often covered up with so much clutter and layers? To start with how to define your core. If you never have given it any thought at all, this will be like exploring a foreign country or territory. If being asked how you perceive your inner core being, what would you respond?


Would it be like this is who I am, or I don’t know who I am? When you are more familiar with the philosophy and how this works through our emotional responses, it will make more sense. The understanding that we are being triggered a lot of the time by reactions and experienced by others, is already making a difference.

You will be more conscious about the reactions that come up, through the emotions. What makes you happy and whatnot. When you feel frustrated and angry, or powerless by situations and actions by others. To see and feel this in a more detached way, it will allow you to take a step back and explore what is happening within yourself.

Maybe you can see a pattern that has been a red thread throughout your life. It might have started in your early childhood or going through your puberty. It might have to do with family, parents, school or friendships.
It will also bring forth the masks you tend to put on when you feel threatened or vulnerable.

These masks were coming into life when something else was demanded from you. Something, which might have conflicted with true emotional reactions and responses. Due to the situation or encounters in previous experiences, this may be part of a survival mode as well.

Not showing your fear for instance or making yourself bigger as a counter-reaction. Yet every reaction will create a dissonant within your emotional and psychological being. These dissonances will prevent you from reacting in your natural state of being.

They will act up as ways to protect yourself or preventing others to see your true feelings and emotions. These masks are not always helpful if you are going on this inward journey to find out who you really are. Beneath all those layers, somewhere you will be able to connect with this inner sense of feeling at home with yourself.

So, to find out who you really are, deep down within, it may be time to take of your masks. It might take some time and work. They don’t let go easily, especially when it has felt it has protected you for a long time. It will bring up challenges, asking to respond in a different manner as to the one you were used to.

The way it is being met will tell you a lot about the impact it has had on your inner world. How to go about it then. I can only share how I travel my journey, facing the truth which came with becoming more and more naked so to speak. I was ready to explore the root causes which prevented me to feel loved and balanced.

When you take off your mask

I was asked to take off my Mask a long time ago already, in order to stand tall and be exposed in all my vulnerability as well my power. Strength and courage are part of this process to come from within out into the open outer reality world. In order to be that open, I must start within my own real-world defined by my emotions reflecting my experiences. As well my mind train who is on a track that feels to narrow at times.

Masking the way, I feel is created through life experiences. I want to be safe and loved. Being nourished and taken care of. Only to learn along the way it is Me who needs to be the provider of all that. Removing my pebbles along the way I placed on my inner journey, is releasing a pathway wide and open.

Maybe winding and sometimes straight as an arrow. The wider my path and cleared from clutter, the less need I have to put on a mask. First and foremost, to myself within the expression of my inner nature by love. I created a safe surrounding within, enabling me to love myself with compassion and kindness.

Without the need to hide my true feelings behind an internal mask. I can come out of the woods and can show My true innate Nature as the beautiful Spark I hold within the depths of my Being. Discovering this enabled me to connect with my inner Core, the Heart of the Matter, unconditional Love

And so, it will be done

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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