Getting out of your comfort zones

You can measure your comfort zones with certain anxiety levels. It is long not as scary as it sounds, depending where you are of course. Everything you do is part of that certain anxiety level. If you do your normal chores these actions will be part of your comfort zone so you won’t feel anxiety but let’s say you are starting a new job, at this point you are leaving your comfort zone and entering a learning zone. If you oversleep or miss the bus on your first day at that new job then you will no longer be in a learning zone but in a panic zone.

Comfort zones


We know the comfort zone as the zone we are in when we are at a place where we feel safe or secure. There is nothing that can happen in that moment that will disturb that comfort. A comfort zone has its benefits, for example; you will learn how to appreciate your own qualities, you have the time and space to discover these qualities and many people see it as their safe zone where they can evolve instead of trying something wholly new. But then again being comfortable all the time will bore at a point. You will no longer be challenged and so will it kill the productivity. Do not forget that if you are not sure about leaving your comfort zone the quality of your choices will also be half what you expect.

Learning zones

This is where it gets interesting. As the name says it, these are the zones in which you learn. Many people find it difficult to step out of their comfort zones, but there are many ways to do so, for example; applying for a new job but also things that have nothing to do with work and read books on a subject you do not know anything about, or network and make new friends and while you at it, why not try to challenge you fears?

Alright, let’s say that you have stepped out of your comfort zone and got hired at that new job. All of a sudden you have to refocus all over and do things you have not done before. This can be very positive but.. sometimes we assume something will be a negative experience because we do not know it. We have never tried it before and to try it we have to reserve extra energy to save all that new information. It might seem negative in the beginning and for some it might not even be the right time but as soon as you are confident with both legs in that learning zone, doors will open.

Your original comfort zone will grow and you will feel comfortable over time about all those new things, and those new things will motivate you even more.

And yes, stepping out of your comfort zone and getting into this scary learning zone can fail or you can make a lot of mistakes along the way, yet.. the worst thing that can happen is that you fail? Things like this are often risky, but taking the risk is often more interesting than waiting and hoping that the comfort zone will be changed for you to how you like it. So get comfortable taking those risks.

Panic Zones

When you get into the panic zone you have taken a few steps too far. You got out of the comfort zone, that is a start, but not for the better. When you find yourself in the panic zone, approach the problems. Find out what is actually stressing you out and write it down. Writing it down might clear your mind from it. You will most likely feel uncomfortable or discouraged and in a state like this you will make no progress.  Situations like these can result in a burn-out, mental illnesses or injuries. But it is important to realize that when you are in a panic zone there is a way out and by giving up in the panic zone, the situation is not going to get better.  So write it down, everything that is making you panic at this moment and accept that you are in the panic zone. When you made that realisation, meditate, breathe deeply and stop with what you were working on. At this point you need to take rest. When you are fully rested and back into your learning zone you can continue, just don’t give up.

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