Humour as a healing tool

There may be two people who have been dealt the same cards in life. Two individuals with all the same life circumstances. One is miserable, stressed out, and looks twenty years older than he is. The other is the happiest guy you could ever meet and looks twenty years younger than he is. How can this be? The answer is that it is not our life circumstances that make life difficult rather it is the attitude that we view our lives with. Those who are capable of seeing the humour in life and take life lightly will be able to do the best with the circumstances they have been given.


We don’t all have the same sense of humour, as I discovered from an early age. The kind of humour that is at the cost of others always escaped me. Never could I understand why watching videos of others who fall and hurting themselves along the way could be perceived as humour. There is this way of laughing at the expense of someone, making fun of in a group. Humour is something very personal as well part of a group’s dynamic. To me the best way is to be able to laugh at myself, not taking myself to serious. This enables me to deal with situations and challenges in a more heart lightened way as well. Making jokes about serious events in order to create different more lightening energy. During all the turmoil life presents at times, it has helped me to remain my inner balance as well.

Over the years sense of humour develops or evolves so to speak into a different type of energy. The lessons along the path of our life, are also colouring our way to perceive and through them adjusting it as well. It will also be part of the lesson, you have to be careful about the way you speak out your feelings. For one it will be acceptable, for another, it will be confronting. Actually, it says a lot about us the way we are handling any type of situation. The more we are able to receive as well give from the heart, the more softening our humour will be as well. Consideration is one pillar, confronting is another one. Using humour as a statement or as a weapon, it will alter the energy as well the way the message will be perceived. When it is part of our family upbringing we adapt to the way humour is presented to us. Sometimes it is more down to earth, other times it is to create an uncomfortable situation for someone. In the way, humour is being used as a weapon in order to harm someone, even groups for that matter, to ridicule so to speak, the energy shifts. There is also another element present within the way people use humour. It is about denigrating someone in order to get the majority alongside. Making fun of someone, being hurtful in words, group mentality is also part of the equation. It is layer upon layer sometimes the way humour works in favour or in a way to bring someone down.

Many professional artists use humour in order to address issues of social character. The way this is been done is always an expression of the way people perceive the topic at hand. So we can use our sense of humour to uplift, to conform, to catalyze, to trigger actions or emotions. The way we perceive ourselves, in order to choose which way we are going to express ourselves, is making the difference. So instead of using it as a kind of weapon, we can choose to be part of the healing spectrum. In order to uplift our own inner feeling about the way we can act at times, it is helpful to do this with the use of humour. I love the way how humour lightens up the energy and the laughter are broadening the hearts of all that are touched by it at the moment. Laughing about your self is an amazingly powerful instrument. It will assist you in the more difficult moments to see the relativity as well as the perception of that situation. It is also about healing because that is what joy and laughter bring. Using it like the Clinic Clowns for instance or the Clowns in a circus, it also connects people heart to heart. What better way than to be able to connect this in positive action. Not making fun of someone, just laugh and smile together, showing you are bigger than that.

May we all share much laughter together, pulling each other up from difficult moments. Let the tears of pure joy enrichen your relationships with the love that is part of it. Humour is a tool of love and will bring up the best in each and every one of us. If we want to change a different outcome of our present lifetime, humour is a tool and a force of healing you might not have been thinking of. Love the way we can uplift each other and we can create magical moments and life-changing events.

And so it will be done.


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Rhea Dopmeijer

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