When Cotton shows its true essence in your heart

To honor my love I bought cotton flowers because they symbolize the beauty of the essence of cotton. The etherical flowers on that wooden stalk are a paradigm in itself. Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants. The fiber creates a cotton ball, which are the flowers. They are being used in so many ways since ages of time, long before the Christian calendar or any other calendar for that matter. It has been used in many traditional indigo tribes as well the modern days society. Yet for me it also has a different meaning as just the usual fabric that represents cotton for most of us.


Like cotton grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants, so are the seeds within the chambers of our heart. The soft staple fiber is symbolic for our Heart and her muscle to protect and shield her. The seeds in our inner Heart are also protected from harm. Because of the energy that is shielding and protecting the most gentle feelings, tenderness, compassion as well the innocence from the newborn soul that comes to earth in this physical material world. The seeds that are part of our souls journey, for us to nourish to make them grow in full potency for the fibers that are representing the energy of the divine female energy as well.

I fell in love with a gentle soul who had a wonderful balanced emotional feminine energy. It was balancing our relationship between the 2 of us in so many ways. It was a beautiful counterpart for my balanced masculine energy. We learned a lot from each other, not always choosing the easy roads to travel. Yet the fibers of the gentleness as well the tenderness were all we needed in order to deepen our love in many ways. This brought forth many blossoming moments like the cotton flowers, holding them in a beautiful bowl of love, around the seeds of all our aspects. Touched by the challenge we were engaging, it opened up our hearts to each other in order to follow our joined souls journey.

The white flowers also remind me of the softness of the cotton pads we use for cleaning and cleansing. Just one of the many ways to make use of this beautiful natural product. What we do in our connections within our loving relationships feels a lot like cleaning and cleansing as well. To do this with ease we need the gentle and softness of the cotton. With harshness we only harden up and are not ready to let go of what it is we no longer need to hold on to. Love is like this as well, it can be tender and gentle, it can be wild and passionate to. In the essence of our Hearts desires, the seeds need this nourishing gentle care to let them bloom.

Sometimes we are not able to receive this aspect of love. When the fibers of the cotton of your heart have lost their flexibility. Then it will cost a lot more effort in order to reach into the seeds and to enable the process of healing and releasing. It will take time, patience, acceptance, yet never through force. We thrive on the essence of nourishment and tender caring. We light up in the knowing we are loved and cared for. We go all the way for those we love in order to be the fibers as well around the heart of our family. The way the seeds in our hearts are been taken care of since birth in our upbringing is crucial in many ways. Confronted with harshness and rigid behavior by authority, the fibers around the heart will react accordingly.

Making it harder and tougher to reach once you get into the process of becoming aware of the wounds that are lying there deep within the boll of our seeds. At times it can even be challenging within a loving relationship. If one of the partners has learned to shield the softer emotional yet gentle side, the fibers are still protecting the vulnerability of the seeds within. It takes a lot of courage at times to loosen up again and trusting the love and support. For this might not come naturally due to the experiences from a young age on. Building the trust through love and acceptance is not a one way street, it requires participation from both partners. It is challenging as well rewarding if this process of love and understanding pays of and the fibers become flexible again.

That’s the moment the seeds within are able to open up, to come to flourishment again. In ways that brought in the surrender and the acceptance from within. So when it was time to let all the guards down, the fibers of the cotton opened up to let the seeds come to full fruition. In a healing process that proved the strength and power of a warm loving gentle tender Heart. Able to show all its qualities and touching every one who came in contact with. He thought me so much during his lifetime, about the way how to balance the masculine with the feminine energy within. To be able to show the true essence of his Heart humbled me as well. In this journey the symbolism with the Cotton flowers and the way the seeds of our Heart are growing and expanding came together for me.

And so it is

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