Expect breath taking moments

When I noticed the topic that came up to write about, it immediately brought in so many moments. They were the ones that literally took my breath away, for a moment, just a gasp of surprise. Those moments were not always connected with love or taking by surprise. Sometimes they related to my day to day life, the wonders I witnessed. Or with the moments’ something powerful hit home. There were always those moments when I gasp for air when I am confronted with something that is painful and involves my loved ones.


I think we all can relate to this. When the emotion that comes with it, is just overwhelming and takes your breath away literally. Those moments that are simultaneously bringing in the physical awareness of your heart expanding with a warm glow of love. How important those moments are for us, to become aware of this glow, this gift we receive. The way it is affecting our well being as well, our knowledge to be loved at that one breathtaking moment. Sometimes it comes with the aha moments as well.

It is all around us that we experience which can take our breath away, leaving us in awe. Like the glorious rainbow, Nature’s wonders and beauty, small as well in all its grandeur. If you say that something is breathtaking, you are emphasizing that it is extremely beautiful or amazing. [emphasis] The house has breathtaking views from every room. Some of their football was breathtaking, a delight to watch.

If you are open up to those experiences of wonder, being in awe so to speak, allowing the beauty to fully come in and fill your heart and system with the energy it holds, these breathtaking experiences will raise your vibration for sure. Even in that one moment of awe, of breathtaking gasp. It touches you in a deep manner. Like the touch of someone you love can make you shiver, enhancing your awareness immediately. It also creates a more enhanced sensation of joy or passion. The moment you are touched by something beautiful, beyond comparison. Or the feeling of knowing to be loved in a profound manner.

Be someone willing to experience the beauty that surrounds you, all the aspects that are a blessing to your soul. It may be in the smallest of things, the smile of an infant, or the love of your pet. It may be walking through Nature, encountering special effects created by the rays of the Sun. Not everyone can be experiencing the beauty of the colors in the sky in Lapland or Sweden. Yet the images or watching them in a video can create this moment of awe as well. The way people can perform and create an amazing experience, taking you by surprise, or drawing you into the performance.

By expecting breathtaking moments, you don’t take life for granted. Nor will you be stuck in a situation that seems to be inevitable. Open up to the possibilities as well options life is about change, change of perception for instance. Open up to the beauty this wonderful planet and people have to offer. Go and explore your options, never take anything for granted any longer. Your life will change drastically. For the better for one. Open up to the way the heart works, how connections turn into loving relationships.

Getting out of a seemingly stuck situation will give you space to explore. To be able to follow the path your heart is showing you. The way you are able to connect with the unexpected and sometimes even the unseen. You can sense the energy in a room if you open yourself up to it. The way you can perceive the energy that is provided will also tell you something about yourself. How you are reacting is also this energetic signature you send out into the world. Every response that comes through love, will create a difference.

Like it has been said, by raising my vibration, I will enhance the experiences of others. By enhancing the experiences of others, I am raising my vibration. When it comes to open up to the more positive energy surrounding you, life will change. Invite Life in, expect wonders and magic in your life. Expect those breath-taking moments, where your heart expands, and the sense of warmth is spreading through your heart center. It will change your existence in such a profound and wonderful way. Look at what life you have to offer, the beauty in others, the connection with other people, the wonder in a child’s eye.

Expecting breathtaking moments is also about the way you are raising your ability to be compassionate as well as kind and thoughtful. It may not seem that way when you are feeling low, depressed about the life you live. Through a change of perception, your experience might change as well about yourself. To see how loved you are or feel the love that comes to you by others, will change your self-worth and self-love as well. Even in the darkest moments, there still will be that spark of fire within each and every one of us.

Allow this loving energy to come in and light that inner spark, into a blazing fire that burns down every negative and dark energy that is been hiding it. Enfold the leaves of your heart, let the energy of love fill you to the brim, till it runs over the edge. In those moments, it might leave you breathless, yet what a wonderful breathtaking experience that is. It all starts within us, this renewal of love and care. Begin with loving your self, bring light into your path, follow the nudges of your soul, the gentle signs that will show you the way.

Expect the breathtaking moments, every day of your life, In loving connection with each other, in loving connection with Nature and all of Creation.

And so, it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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