Your Heart will be strum melodically

Someone is assigned to not only hear your heart’s song but will strum your heartstrings melodically. Listen with your heart.”
― Sanjo Jendayi

When I was reading up about what strum means to me, it struck me like a chord and resonated deep within with this quote that showed up. The feeling of the love I have known for the biggest part of my life, was exactly this. Someone is assigned to not only hear your heart’s song but will strum your heartstrings melodically. What a truth this is, as well knowing what happens when the melody shifts with false notes as well and the strings of my heart were playing a different tune. Listen with your heart is a major issue when it seemingly needs to get damaged. Hurt and emotional wounds cause discord when the one who is assigned to you is out of balance. We all know this sense and feeling. It is something that requires a lot from us to keep listening with our heart. Knowing with a deep trust it will all be well, because it is done by the one who is assigned to not just heart’s song yet will strum the strings with harmony and melody.


We hear many people say, he or she is the love of my life. There is such a strong love connection between 2 hearts, it is crossing dimensions as well. The one you know is here for you, to be able to love you as deep and profound as possible. That will touch the cords of our heart, to create together a beautiful melody. Is it an easy journey? Not likely. I knew when I met my love, he was the one I was waiting for. We were able to allow each other to be who we are, deeply loved, and accepted full heartedly. The times the strum of the cords of our hearts were playing a wonderful love song are numerous and countless. We also experienced times during our lifetime together, through circumstances, the strum would produce a lesser harmonic melody.

What came forth through our lifetime experiences was also the issues we both had to deal with on a personal level. We each brought in our emotional wounds and challenges to be dealt with together. For together is was set in our soul, the promise we made to each other. To love and assist through the hard times as well the times we were dealt a card of disharmony. We were very much aware this type of relationship requires a lot of work as well. Love doesn’t come easy when you find your self at the lowest point within your system. To enable each other to work through those challenges, we needed to be strong and confident in our soul and heart promise we made to each other.

Listen with your heart, when your emotions run wild. Diving deep with the depth of the love and care, to know sometimes it isn’t about you. To love regardless of whatever the situation presents, to see and feel the sorrow and the pain that is coming to the surface as well. For both of us, the pain and sorrow were tools eventually, that worked as a compass to stay within our hearts song together. Both very young when we met and immediately aware that we were meant to be together. The way he would strum my heartstrings were unique and totally new to me, overwhelming as well. His way of loving me was matched by the way I love him. You only can play a symphony by attunement and alignment the different notes and tunes were met. Through love and care, it enabled us to share our deepest energy from the heart and soul.

This made him the one assigned to my heart, because he knew and heard my heart’s song as I was able to hear his. From the first moment our eyes really met, we instantly knew this was it, we were here to meet and compose a symphony of life. If you want to be in such a relationship, you need to be aware of the undertones as well, for they also play a part in creating. Like the piano, the black and whites each have their own tone and play an important part in how your melody will sound. So, learning the balance between both will teach us how the heartstrings resonate when being touched and played. If you have the best of interest for your loved one, you will always search for the best outcome.

Through our highs and lows during the lifetime we spend together we created all kinds of symphonies together. It also taught us how important it is to keep investing in our relationship, even though we knew how deeply we loved each other. Our own personal issues that came up also colored our relationship. The adjustments we had to make when physical challenges came up were also part of the way we were able to strum our hearts melodically. At times it even sounded disharmonious, because each one of us reacted differently towards it. The issues we brought into our relationship to be healed and balanced conflicted with each other at times. Only through faith and deep soul work, we were able to stay connected until the end of our lifetime together.

Even now, we still feel the strum on each other’s heartstrings, on either side of the veil. The emotions that are being brought up are being transformed through the way we both are still so connected through the energy of Love. I feel the love pouring of his love when he strums the strings and cords of my heart. The immediate sense of being loved unconditionally brings me in a deep connection with his heart and soul. Which enables me to create a safe space within my heart, for there I will find him. My heart sings and jumps up every time I feel this touch of love, making me cry and laugh unexpectedly, or takes my breath away for a moment.

So, going through all the different rhythms life brought up, we each walked not just our own path, we walked it together. Every time it needed our attention to be strong, take a leap of faith, hold the fort, loving unconditionally the music was played by the strum we played on the cords of our hearts. For what the meaning of the quote at the beginning means to me, it works 2 ways. For each one of us, it applied together. “Someone is assigned to not only hear your heart’s song but will strum your heartstrings melodically. Listen with your heart.” To be the receiver as well the giver creates the harmony and balance that will enable you to hear the heart’s song with unconditional love.

And so, it is done

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