How Nature Reflects Our Inner Be-ing
Just sitting outside with the Sun ever so Bright
And still feeling off, just like the moments when
The clouds are creating an empty space
Within, blocking the Sun
Like the outside world is just another
Reflection of my mood today.


Rain is falling, sun is shining
Clouds are blocking the view
What is it today that keeps
Me in this mood
And what kind of mood is it?
It’s not sadness, it’s not fear
It feels like fatigue, tired to the bone
At times literally, where the density is the thickest
And hardest to let the energy
Come through, the Light of Healing
and Love, so easily felt in my veins,
Is this blocked feel deep within
that needs to withhold some kind of
barrier to be brought into the Light
Into the surface of my existence
Making me aware it isn’t over
Till it is over, last trembles, last old
twitching feel of tiredness by
Breathing through the inside into the
Outside of my Being, still in need of
Healing and taking into the light
Of Source to be free at last and reunited
again, with all my other parts that
already have found their Save Home
and sheltered in the Light of Love.
So dear one, if you are holding on
Then make sure you really want this
Release since releasing of Self is the
Last frontier, the last Portal you are
going to walk through to find Your Self
On the other side and inside out again.
Bringing all Home, Home to where the
Heart is, Your Sacred Heart with all the
Love and Compassion for you to be held
In comfort and abundance in every particle.
To come out and dazzle the world
When You step forward and shine Your Light
And so it will be done
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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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