Reach for the High­est Good

Each Soul knows what to choose for the high­est good

Each soul knows what to choose for the high­est les­son
or ex­pe­ri­ence to take up in a lifetime. To think otherwise or take it for granted will cre­ate an­other gap be­tween peo­ple in their per­spec­tive of be­ing awak­ened or spir­i­tual aware­ness.

The ego will step up again to cre­ate a dif­fer­ence be­tween
awak­ened and not awak­ened, evolved and not evolved,
spir­i­tual and not spir­i­tual com­ing from judg­ments and our
per­spec­tives orig­i­nated in du­al­ity as we see the world as it is.
The need to feel bet­ter or higher, more turn­ing into a sep­a­ra­tion
be­tween our self and the other from in­te­grated val­ues.
We see enough peo­ple be­ing so de­vel­oped, awak­ened and proud
of it to cre­ate the same play only by chang­ing their play­ground:


* The mis­sion­ary at­ti­tude – we will bring you the mes­sage,
* The truth – our way is the only way
* The new re­li­gion –

Is it not so that each spark of our own Heart is a unique spark,
col­ored with its own unique sig­na­ture hold­ing or con­tain­ing the
ex­act same amount of Love and Life, and life’s ex­pres­sion cre­ated
by our Soul for the high­est good for our­selves and all we en­counter.

So, here is a new aware­ness com­ing of the high horses at­ti­tude
look­ing down upon those they be­lief are not yet as awak­ened
or spir­i­tual as they are, and re­act­ing to the ba­sic sim­plic­ity
of this process, we call Life. For­get­ting how it was to start
our own awak­en­ing process, the be­gin­ning of be­com­ing aware,
of be­ing con­scious every step along the way of cause and ef­fect.

Ground­ing process you ask – it’s easy, just take off your shoes and socks and stand bare­foot on the cold and dirty soil can be one an­swer you re­ceive, yet what does it tell you about the un­der­ly­ing process and mean­ing. It is one way to look at it.

The whole process of con­nect­ing Earth and Heaven within our own body struc­ture, our hu­man ves­sel as a way of bring­ing those en­ergy ways to­gether is more than just tak­ing of your shoes and socks. Or is it not? De­pend­ing on the point of view you take.
Any­one who thinks it is this easy has ei­ther lost their own con­nec­tion with the awak­en­ing processor is more at­tuned into it.

It de­pends on the way you bring in the mes­sage to the one who asks and if you take this high stand of know­ing, Just want­ing to be higher and ethe­real, you are miss­ing the point and con­nec­tion and by do­ing so go­ing back­wards to the old ways eons ago or maybe they have for­got­ten their own trav­el­ling dur­ing this whole process of clear­ing and cleans­ing, be­com­ing aware of what lies hid­den deep within our­selves. By putting your­self way up high, you are no longer the way-shower or the en­ergy holder.

There is a big dif­fer­ence be­tween be­ing the teacher and stu­dent
at the same time, the mo­ment your mind plays tricks on you,
say­ing how highly evolved you al­ready are and you have to save,
ed­u­cate all those who haven’t reached your stage of evolve­ment.
We can see the same play we see in the “ma­te­r­ial” world.

World lead­ers who want to stay in their own com­fort­able place where they can rule with money, power and dis­tanc­ing them­selves from the com­mon peo­ple.
Yet this is the du­pli­cate in “spir­i­tual world” if we are not care­ful about the ways of our ego play tricks with our minds. If I be­lieve I AM bet­ter, will say a lot about me, not about the other party.
For as long as we don’t have a clear pic­ture of every Soul’s ex­pres­sion, We are not able to de­ceiver if this is more or less wor­thy, more or less evolved, more or less awak­ened in its Full Ex­pres­sion. So all we can do is to make sure we know our own im­print of ex­pres­sion.

To re­lease any dual lin­ger­ing thoughts, feel­ings or senses that cre­ates an­other I – then pro­file as much you think you are spir­i­tu­ally more ad­vanced. Just this thought should be the trig­ger to you, To watch your own in­ner world and par­ti­cles that are still play­ing
Their Game of Thrones, spir­i­tual or not, It is about Love, un­con­di­tion­ally, And where there is Love – Fear can­not ex­ist, for fear cre­ates dis­tance, fear cre­ates du­al­ity.

So, as long as we are not LOVE, we will find dif­fer­ences in every ex­pe­ri­ence we en­counter, with­out be­ing judg­men­tal to­wards any in­di­vid­ual we come across. It will teach you to come closer into be­com­ing this cap­i­tal LOVE where there just are Be­ing and Con­nec­tion and Com­pas­sion and Kind­ness.

Know­ing­ness will fall upon us to see with clar­ity, with the Di­vine Vi­sion of High Self, which is just an­other part of Self. Yet now bring­ing it Home again within the aware­ness of us hu­man be­ings,
no more di­vi­sion, no more racial, gen­der, cul­ture, re­li­gion dif­fer­ences.

Then we will be able to es­tab­lish a New World with­out hi­er­ar­chy or
judg­ments, no more dis­tance even among Star seeds as we are be­ing taught. Every Ray is con­nected with the other equally con­nected with its unique part of Cre­ation. All have a unique sig­na­ture and part in this Grand Play.

So, may this be a warn­ing?
Every time you get on your high right­eous horse so to speak,
Be hum­ble, Be grate­ful, Be lov­ing, Be sup­port­ive to each and every be­ing you en­counter. Al­ways for the high­est good of both, for with­out the one the les­son can­not be learned by the other and vice versa. One Love, One Heart, One Breath.

And so it is.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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