Standing On A Cliff At Dawn
While standing on a cliff at dawn
My heart responds to the sight and view
Standing on the cliff high up above the sea
Moved to my core I am welcoming the unknown
The energy that awaits me at the horizon.
How will this new way of life will be
Expanding into the future of this lifetime?


It feels like the wind is picking up my spirit
On the wings of an Eagle to soar and fly
Above the endless plane of light and love.
Wandering through my memories of all
These experiences that have been part of me.
The challenges and emotions that came
With the way it was felt, endured and handled.
Those with love and compassion shine their Light
Ever so brightly through my inner heart core.
Others were more painful and dimmed,
In order to be restored and healed again.
So bringing in back the different aspects
Of all those lifetimes, all enveloped within
This past of mine up to now
Light hearted I stand upon the cliff,
At the dawn of my new way of life
To start it with a deep breath and allowing
To come in the higher energy of High Self,
More and more incorporated within.
The visual aspect of standing up high,
Catching the wind, almost leaving me
Breathless and in awe of its powerful energy.
My Blue Storm signature is expanding
And acknowledging its qualities as well.
Lifting up my arms, embracing the sunlight
Of the rising Sun over the horizon,
Coloring the sea with orange and yellow
Light sparkles, the pink ray of compassion
Holds it all within my own being.
In every cell and atom the energy is being
Received and welcomed, to bring in healing
As well new light of knowledge and wisdom.
Taking a deep breath, feeling the solid ground
Underneath my feet, and the endless sky
Above my head, I know, I will embrace it all.
And so it will be
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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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