When singular describes the uniqueness of One

Thinking about the meaning of this word, described as unique, uniqueness, it also brings up the word
authenticity to me. It also tells something about one specific person not a group, or one object not more
than one. So, to state I AM is singular, to express my own signature, my own uniqueness as a soul, as a
person, as a woman. I AM is giving the meaning to all that I AM. To express my own consciousness and
awareness. To stand out, to dare to be different as well part of the whole.


I could not get my mind wrapped around it at first what to do with this theme, singular. How to implement
this in an article I could write from the heart, heartfelt as well. I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a
mother, a grandmother. These roles are being played by millions of other women, still are. So how can
we become the unique expression of all those women, as a singular woman?

Now, this brings me deeper into this article, from my own point of view. Maybe it is not the same as your
point of view. Maybe it resonates with your point of view. Maybe this triggers something deep within you.
For being unique requires courage as well, self-love and self-worth. It is okay to be unique, just because
you are. There is not anyone like you. No one has walked your path, had your experiences, felt your
pain and sorrow, fear, and anger.

It is not always felt safe to be unique, to be comfortable with who you are. Not even with yourself,
because there are a lot of triggers that might need healing. That might create this safe inner space
within, where it is okay to be unique. Embrace the beautiful unique spark of light you are, dare to be all
that you are with love and confidence. Even when the world is in turmoil, we need to be safe within

There have been a lot of messages within our cultures, our own society, our own family about standing
out. Not always positive, sometimes it has been encouraging to be yourself. To mirror what your own
surroundings tell you can be devastating for your own personal growth. The need to fit in, instead of
being your own true self. We all go through those growing pains to reflect and find what is important to

Each experience is a tool, a gift so to speak, if it creates more awareness. When you can accept the
value of it, you can use it for your benefit, your personal growth. This path we walk here on earth, during
this challenging time where we must keep our distance from each other. It can be a very healing time as
well. For it provides you with the time and space to go inward and see what it brings up. Those are the
tools, the gifts because they need to be addressed. They come to the surface for a reason.

We all are in this together, yet all from different perspectives as well as belief systems. Part of one Creation,
each one playing our own part in it. The way we want to be part of this depends on the choices we make.
Gifted with our free will, the choice is ours to make. To live a life filled with love, joy, harmony depends
on those choices as much as on our own self-confidence. It all starts within, able to love yourself no
matter what has happened along the way, able to forgive for every move you made that took you on a
wrong turn of life.

Within the heart of the matter, that what is important, isn’t it? Being able to accept we are unique. Each
one of us has our own story to tell. The good the bad the ugly as well. Each woman, man, and child is
unique. We all are part of One Creation, connected with each other, part of each other, for you are my
other me as well. You cannot exist if there were no others around you to love and care for you. To love
and be loved, just as you are.

Being true to your self is challenging a lot of times. It is easier to conform, to shield for the danger that is
out there, to keep your self safe, is not the same. We are being challenged in so many ways right now.
All those who are still working in challenging situations, assisting, and helping out. Each one of them is
doing this from their own heart and soul. They make a conscious choice to be at the front line during this
outbreak of the virus. Each one of them is part of the system they work in.

To look at each man, each woman, to personalize it, creates a different perspective. There are so many
initiatives to honor and pay respect to them. They all bring in their own commitment, their love for others
to be in service for the most vulnerable ones. It shows their unique personality, their own connection with
all those who are not hesitating to help wherever it is needed. Humanity shows her greatest inspiring

To love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without reason, to care without expectation shows the Spirit of true love. Then singular describes the uniqueness of One. One Creation we all are part of. Deciding for ourselves which role we want to play, which part we want to add to create harmony
and balance again. To create safety for everyone, honoring the uniqueness of every singular person.
With love and in connection with each other.

So, it will be done

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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