When the dust settles down again

When the dust settles down again

The residue will be cleared and recognized

As well the strings that are attached

With the emotional and mental issues

That are connected with it.

We go through every step of processing (more…)

Once we start to become aware and

Full of consciousness about it

The way it will be sensed or perceived

Will differ from person to person.

It is the inner source that is reflected

With the higher source once it is clear

And the  crystalline energy will mirror

The highest energy to be adapt to as well.

In this moment the assistance will come

In phases and stages as it appears to you.

The knowing of your intuition or inner connection

With your higher self as well will be a norm

Or a standard because of the changes it brings.

The feeling of this clearing is heartfelt

Through the emotions of joy, happiness

And also the sense of bliss and gratitude

Because of the healing process that took place.

Once you remember these parts or aspects

That wants to come home and feel loved

Then the healing will start from within.

The love and acknowledgement will create

That safe space within your heart center

To invite them in so you can connect

With the emotional wounds that might be

Attached with them to be healed as well.

That might be emotional, physical or mental

The way it presents themselves are come natural

When you go sit with them in the sacred energy

Of the love that you feel in your heart center

Then they can present them to you because

The love is the key to be accepted and understood

In the deepest sense of the energy that is created

Unconditionally towards each aspect of you.

Your purpose is assisting these parts of yourself

That need healing in order to balance and restore

Your inner knowing as well the clear vision

Of remembering who you are and where you belong.

This will create a new way of perceiving your life

As it is with this inner knowledge as part of a whole

Part of the Universe as well holding the Universe

Within your being, to become all that you are,

To be the master creator of your life.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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