Loneliness on the work floor

However it is barely acknowledged on the work floor many people suffer from loneliness. Loneliness should not be confused with being alone. Loneliness is feeling isolated and being alone can be both negative and positive. There are many people who can work just fine while being alone. And then we have social isolation which is a lack of social interaction or contact with other people. People who are socially isolated might have a lack of friends, family and are not very good in meeting new people.

People experienced that their colleagues are not talking to them or are just not included in meetings and projects. It might seem like tasks that are normal after a while you might see that you are working on a project alone. Again.


Many people who work 40 to 50 hours a week see their children 64% of their time and their colleagues 62% of their time. That is almost half of their time, half of their time those people are ignored. That is why employers should invest more in a fun culture, a culture which organizes social events to fight this silent form of bullying. Also is it important for employers to encourage their employees by praising them with good work and provide constructive criticism as it is something they can learn from instead of something they have failed massively. If nothing is done with the problem they will see that the quality and success is minimized.

Fighting loneliness together

It is not only up to the employers, all employees should see that these things happen for real and it doing some serious damage. Think about depression or a low self-esteem. And as you might have guessed, getting a low self-esteem up or getting someone to get their confidence back can take quite a while as well.  Employees can work to fight against this kind of situation by including a colleague in their conversations, step up for colleagues when they are not invited into social events and simple questions whether; how are they doing? By working this way they may prevent the quietly victimizing of their colleagues.

If you would experience loneliness like this it is important to keep in mind that you can work to make this better. This is an issue what plays in your life and will haunt you if not dealt with soon enough.  Challenge the feeling of being isolated. Find out what exactly is making you feel uncomfortable and be objectively when judging on it. Maybe you will feel insecure about reaching out for help but you are the only one who can actually make a difference in how you are treated. Whether if it is leaving the company or confront the ones who find their amusement from making you feel lonely. If it is really the company in overall just keep in mind that for every specific person there is a specific job. If you are not comfortable there, then that place was probably not meant for you anyway.

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