When a Cardinal enters your life

Cardinal spiritual meaning is that of love. This spirit animal wings its way into your life when you are on the horizon of a new relationship or other significant event filled with romance. … It is a push by a loved one from the “beyond,” so you keep striving towards self-empowerment and reaching your goals. The cardinal has a loud and clear whistle. Whistles are often reminders to listen closely–to pay attention to what is blowing on the winds. In the case of the cardinal, the female joins in on the whistling, which is unusual among birds. This reflects that we should be listening to the inner voice (the feminine) more closely for our own health and well-being. Since most female birds usually are quiet and camouflaged, a cardinal totem almost always reflects a need to assert the feminine aspects of creativity and intuition more strongly.


I was not sure what to write about this theme for the month of June. Yet reading the meaning and symbolism of the Cardinal it all makes more sense. Looking at its spiritual meaning the push by a loved one from the beyond is felt every day. My beloved who made his transition presents himself always through a bird message. He was also the rock and wind beneath my wings. To keep striving towards self-empowerment and reaching my goals.

This connection with a loud and clear whistle reminds me of the many times I heard him whistling. Being busy or just walking, he was always whistling. We used to connect through music as well and together we loved to sing and listen. Like the Cardinal, I always joined in. It also was a connection with my inner voice. Through the loving connection to pay close attention to our health and well-being.

This Cardinal totem is also about the feminine aspects to be integrated and assert into my day-to-day life over the years. Using the energy of creativity and intuition assisted me in connecting with my High Self as well. Through this connection it enables me to listen to that little voice, going with the flow of writing or typing. Passing on the messages that are being addressed. Sometimes through a theme, other times through my own daily experiences.

Looking for the inner meaning or how to connect with the unseen world. Always so present in my life, if when I was a little child. Walking through the forest to be on my own, needing the energy of nature to stay grounded. It also assisted me to bring in those connections with the sounds of nature, the birds singing their own tunes, Recognizing the different sounds of the birds and their meaning when it appears.

Both of us enjoyed listening to the sounds of the birds. The way they communicate. It was like the whistling of the soul combining through the different layers. It also created more awareness about the way we both were different as well complementary to each other. This thrives towards self-empowerment was an enormous stimulus within our relationship. Enabling each other to be the best version of ourselves, embracing the differences as well.

The way our relationship enfolded was of great significance for my own journey this lifetime. It was a surge through so many layers, to finally connect with my own inner self on such a deep level. Both of us were going through many transformational moments and experiences. The masculine and feminine aspects on an individual level were profound. The differences eventually lead up to a coming full circle where we not only found our own inner balance. It balanced out our relationship to find the middle consensus of these energies.

Where duality was no longer the leading party yet the healing and recovering from this was a priceless gift, we shared with each other. So let the Cardinal as a symbol of love bring more and more joy into your life. Make use of the gift it holds to bring in the energy of the divine feminine. It will assist to balance the energy, either male or female, with the divine masculine energy. This will be the Marriage of the Divine, both equal and both present.

The Cardinal has a loud and clear whistle. Whistles are often reminders to listen closely–to pay attention to what is blowing on the winds.

And so, it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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