When soul agreement becomes reality

2 souls came together in this lifetime, each with a different role to play, yet solely to create awareness
and consciousness about the energy that creates fear, hate, as well the ultimate option to choose for
freedom and love on a world scale. It takes a lot of courage on both sides to play the roles they were
committed to, by soul contract.


To be there in public sight, so that no one could look away. To fulfill the ultimate sacrifice for the highest good of all. To be totally guarded in ways, humanity is not able to comprehend. It is an act of love when we can see through the illusions of this 3-dimensional world of duality and opposites.

The image was so profound to watch this up close and uncomfortable, it touched so many souls to wake
up and see the bigger picture from a different perspective for the lessons to be learned about being so
much more as the eye can see.

How easy is it to go with the energy of anger, fear, hate. Instead, we can choose love and
compassion, kindness, and understanding. For this time we can turn a page and create a different way of
understanding and acceptance. We all have been there at one point both the victim as the assaulter.
Maybe not in such a visible and harsh way to the world around us.

Both souls came to fulfill their souls’ purpose in order to awake the public. To bring into the
consciousness the awareness of how much work there still needs to be done. Before we can call
ourselves humane and equal in every way, we only can do some soul searching. How much resentment
and judgemental thoughts as well emotions, are there slumbering beneath the surface.

How can we point a finger at those who are showing the depth of fear and indifference? Is this not also
showing how much of the depth of emotional wounds is? As long we hold the vision of division and
duality, there will be no healing, no peace, no brotherhood, and sisterhood.

It only showed us how much we long for equality, how much we need understanding from the heart. How
can we bring in love in this situation, when we only feel the anger, the turmoil this caused on so many
levels. 2 souls played their role in order to give us a wake-up call. It took a lot of love as well to be this
present to shake up the world.

If we only can see the negative, there will only be negative. Our thoughts and emotions are the colors of
the way things will play out. Maybe this moment in time had such an impact, we are able to create a new
reality. May the sacrifice of those 2 souls be not in vain.

They are both loved. In order to understand the sacrifice they both gave, we have no other choice then to
turn this event around from our center point. Through our Heart and compassion, we may create a shift in
awareness. We need to be together in this, in loving connection with each other.

It is up to us now to create a different world, a different community. Where everyone will be safe,
regardless of race and gender. Where we learn how to use the energy of power, to create empowerment.
How we can learn our children it doesn’t matter how they look. Where differences are no threat, yet a
welcomed way of being unique.

May we all take a step back, breathe through all the emotions that were stirred up. May this event bring
us closer together, instead of dividing us even more. Love will be the Master Key for each and every one
of us. It all starts within us.

So may it be.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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