Being present is the key to the heart of empathy

You only can be aware of your surroundings, If you are fully present in the now moment. Only then you
can sense the present energy, that is coming from those around you as well. How do you address your
ability in any type of situation you are finding yourself in? What does it take to be able to sense the
energy field and be able to connect with the emotional body as well as the mental and physical bodies? The
aura around someone is not visible for everyone, you have to be able to sense it with your other senses.
As well, your ability to read the layers that you feel is part of the whole in all its complexity.


Being present is not just a term to describe a way of being, actually, you have to be aware. Being is a first step to know who you are in all his or her depths of lifetime experiences. How aware are you of your
personality, your inner knowledge, your inner wisdom as well the stuck energy that comes from
experienced challenges as well the uplifting ones. Being requires you to be fully aware of your body,
mind, and soul connections as well. Being present also means you can be in the Now, in the now
moment instead of just being scattered between past, present, and future in your mindset as well your memories that pull you back.

Being an empath is a totally different experience, because of the ability to be aware of the energy fields which are surrounding you every day and every moment. Being highly sensitive to energy fields, you are only able to Be in the present now if you are aware of your ability and know-how to master it. It is not just
the imprint of people around your present. It is also about the matrix energy fields that come in, as ripples as
well as waves of energy in all its forms. It is easy to deal with the positive energy even if this isn’t yours at
the present moment.

Yet without being aware of this ability and all that comes with it, it is hard to be fully present in the Now.
So, how does this connect the Heart of Empathy, as a key to the ability to be present? As you will
discover through your experiences, the emotional waves from within, all held stuck energy. Which needs
clearing as well as healing if it is from wounded parts or aspects within yourself. Being raised in a certain
way, what you were taught as a child. As well the different roles within the duality of this earthly plane
makes a difference in the outcome of your initial soul’s mission, to come to this Earth.

You cannot carry the sorrow and pain of all mankind on your shoulders. Even though your ability to feel
and sense, is making you a tool of the stability of the energy waves. It all starts within, as an empath the
main thing to learn is to be aware of your own inner world and signature. Love is the key to all that is
stuck and needs healing, for every challenge you have experienced as an individual. The key to the
heart of an empath so to speak requires to be present in every situation and occasion that may cross
your path on a daily basis. The only way to learn about your abilities as an empath requires this
knowledge, knowing the different wiring as well the results of encounters, which creates internal wounds on physical, mental as well emotional levels that need healing and balance.

Most importantly, the need of Love coming from within. Not depending on the love of others to know,
who you are as an empath. Crazy ways that will be shown and magical moments, that will appear, when
you can rely on this inner Being present. Bringing awareness within every situation you come across.
The key element which will enable you to find the heart of the internal as well external worlds of which you are part of. We are all connected with the energy surrounding us, interconnecting on so many levels.
Choices we can make because we have the ability to choose. If we stay in the Now Present, we can act
on the triggers we receive, in order to acknowledge as well allow. That’s the way that allows us to be
present as an empath.

Through our ability to love, through sensing wounded or stuck energy, we are also able to have
compassion and it enables us to see through the veils of hidden aspects. This is the gift of being an
empath as well. Being present from within our Heart enables empathy towards others to stay out of
judgment as well condemnation. Once we have healed these parts within ourselves, we can share this
with others as well. In order to know and learn, you have to be present in the now moment as well as
coming from the Heart. Once you have found the key to the heart of empathy, you are able to be

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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