When moving is the only option left

Facing changes is not always easy and sometimes we want to avoid them. Mostly because we have no
clue what the change will bring and this insecurity can put you on hold when fear is part of the change.
Whatever we are facing, if we can be bold enough to take the next step necessary, it will bring you what
you expected or wanted, or it might bring you the least expected change.


It all depends if you are ready to follow your own intuition and trust your inner guideline of love, heartfelt,
or if fear is getting in the way of a smooth transition or blocking you by negative emotions.

How can we face change with a clear vision and unattached emotions to be able to create a powerful
and confident move through life’s experiences? What do we require in order to be able to follow our heart
instead of all the chit chatter of the mind caused by fear and all the discussions our thoughts are going
through. When we can be at ease in any situation life presents us, then we will be able to see we all are
creators, of our own life experiences and the inner drive to bring in balance within.

In order not to get stuck, we can only allow the emotions that are coming to the surface to make itself
know, in order to own any kind of energy that is attached to it. Any positive energy that comes in with the
move or change, will make it all the more easy and pleasant to go forward. No one will dispute this. We
all know that positivity always accompanies the sense of well-being and confidence in the outcome of our
move forward.

In fact, life is all about change. Every molecule will change as will the energy connected to it, for life is all
about expanding and moving through the necessary changes it requires in order to grow and go to the next level or step. Water can be still and calm, or it can be coming in waves and is a force of nature, as is
the wind and all the elements of Nature. We also are part of Nature, for we grow within the womb when
one seed is meeting the cell and life starts immediately to create any necessary change in order to give
form to the human body, as it does in the animal world as well.

We grow up and get older and the only thing we can do is choosing the best way in order to expand and
grow in a harmonious way. And yes there are many factors which also will have an impact along the
way. Our environment and communities will have a lot to do with the way we can feel safe and guarded.
Love and fear will always be in these experiences, one way or the other, as one coin with both sides.
They represent the duality in our material world, and also the illusion that is been created in our day to
day life.

Sometimes life is filled with joy, love and abundance and every step you take is easy and doesn’t cause
you any effort to go through the changes. There are times you are confronted with situations, where the
emotions are filled with fear and insecurity. In order to balance out the situation the only thing we can do
is bring in Love, for where there is love, fear cannot exist. This is a universal law.

Actually, this is what is the force within ourselves that seeks to be balancing out any negative emotions
we hold within that prevents us to be in harmony with ourselves. This inner force will always address the
need to be happy, to seek happiness within. Not always will this be found as long as we are depending on
others to feel happy and loved? It will start within, the moment you love yourself unconditionally, there will be the solution to create the greatest change in life.

In the end, when it comes down to it, your heart will be your guide, love will be your guide in order to
create the change within. To be all you can be, in every aspect of your being, moving is the only option.
Allowing and surrendering to the force of Love and Life, you create every experience for your own higher good, and therefore for all of creation. Because we all are connected with each other and every change
and moving into the field of love, will create ripples around you. Touching everyone and everything
surrounding you.

So in your darkest moments when you feel stuck, there is always one moment in your life you can create
change. It will take courage and some effort to take a step out of the situation in order to see more
clearly and then life will ask you, are you ready to move? Are you ready and willing to create change, to
follow this little spark deep down within you that needs to be fueled with love and compassion in order to kindle the inner fire to blaze through any and old stuck energies lying within?

Then every cell will be enabled to remember the universal truth, the unique spark of Love it holds and
there will be the change. The inner change that is required to step out of the grip of fear and allow Love
to be the healing force that will enable you to make the necessary move, just because that is all that is
what needs to be done. The point where moving is the only option, to move through and out of the
illusion of the material world and the inner connection with Life is an open channel.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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