I need to wait for the invite

Someone told me years ago.

If you step into a situation

Without been invited,

You most likely will rub

Against the wrong way.

Freely given invite

Is a door way, a gate (more…)

So to speak.

It allows me to enter

Into the Heart of the Matter

And to listen as well to reply

Because of the confirmation

And willingness that came with it.

I invite you into my energy

Into my deepest being.

It works both ways I know,

Because the response can only come

When I am ready to listen.

There is no difference in this

For me to wait for the invite

If it comes from a close friend

Or someone I only meet on the net

Each one is stretching out

Seeking the attention as well

As I am stretching out my heart

Seeking for the response of

My High Self or Spiritual Guides.

Opening up to be able to listen

With my inner ears and senses

So the love can stream along

Opening up new  gateways

And creating a new energy plane

To explore again.

I invite the love and the light

That is been shed by every soul

As well the ones who has gone

Before us as well.

I invite my past, present and future

To step into this higher plane

In order to become the highest

Version of who I can Be.

I will be still, take my rest now

So there will be room and space

For this to enter into my being.

In the deep inner silence

This will be known.

And so it is.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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