What is it about Suppression?

Suppression is being done by both sides, the moment the power shiftedThe moment the shift between energy feminine/masculine was entering duality through incarnationYou are a child of light as much as everyone else..

Through lifetime experiences the balance between both energies got distorted.. we not only have to heal the feminine wound as well the masculine

Yet you can only start healing your own wound.. from within.. the accident, or incident ..your soul’s mission to come here in the density of 3D as a human being your soul incorporation.. with the issue at hand.. restore the balance between male/female energy from within.. then there will be no battle left..

You sweet one has chosen this lifetime to finally restore this inner balance.. to be the giver as well receiver ❤ to be love in all its aspects as well bringing all aspects home again ❤ Love for yourself is priority number  1.. as long as there is doubt. lack of. you will search for it outside yourself.. from within you can heal this emotional wound, conflict, through the emotional, physical, mental and etheric bodies.. healing the present will also clear and heal the ancestral lines past as well future.


Your focus… breathe is one tool that will assist.. going inward your sacred Heart is the other.. there you will find the unconditional love, the Christ energy as well Buddha energy filled with compassion and kindness to be filled every cell of your being.. this is the time your soul wants to incarnate within your physical being here in this time frame..

You are scattered as well scattering the energy you need to heal your own emotional wound.. feeling lesser as a woman.. feeling the one responsible and acting on it, give as well receive is needed to be balanced out because now you are out of balance. causing turmoil within your emotional as well physical being.. you are at a point in time to be able to change the outcome.. not because you want to heal everyone else , just because you start by healing your own inner world.. bringing love in every cellbringing light in every cell, bringing in compassion for you in every cell, kindness as well gentleness.. so you can release the hurt, the anger  but most of all the sorrow

Your emotional wound isn’t just yours.. it is an universal wound as well, therefore we are getting assistance from the light world, the energy of the light masters as well the angelic beings. in order to bring in back harmony in our own system.. individually as well humanity wise.. it all starts with in ourselves.. to bring in the love and accept and allow the knowledge as well the wisdom that is coming out of the dark spots hidden behind walls, doors. There you will find the Diamond  with all her facets..

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
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