Go beyond the horizon of the unknown

Without a doubt, this is a challenging experience for most of us. Not just going on a trip, explore new
worlds and countries. Meeting other people and smell the differences within cultures. It is also about a
mindset. Open-mindedness is a necessity. Not a luxury. To go beyond all you are familiar with and know is
challenging. For those who call themselves world trotters, adventurers, travelers across the oceans and
seas, climbing the highest mountains will be easy. They thrive on the challenges and the
experiences to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Others are happy within the comfort of
their home, their town, or village and are not eager to leave their familiar surroundings.


As different we are as humans are shown in all these stories we know and learn. Testing the boundaries,
always wanting to push it a bit further. Sometimes are almost effortless, other times even the smallest
step is a victory and difficult. During this time of the pandemic, it is even more challenging. So many
people have been affected by this virus, so many measurements are been taken. This is certainly
beyond the horizon of the unknown. At least it is for this generation. Only those who lived in the early
years of the 90-ies knew about the other pandemics and viruses causing many people to make a

We now must adjust to the implications this experience is bringing in on so many levels. So many
unknown factors are playing into this challenging time. Being aware of how we can keep each other safe,
by distancing physically, has already brought up so many difficulties. When we take a closer look, this
also creates emotions of fear, anger, solitude, taking care, or being cared for. This is a time of reflection
as well. We are been given time so to speak, even though we do not feel it when it turned up.

By staying home, lots of families got more quality time together. Homeschooling was forcing me to be
creative, exploring all the options on how to get in touch with all the students, from primary school to university. Every level of applying the internet for good use played a big role in it. People were
challenged to be creative. Working from home, instead of driving to the cities, less pollution as well.
Being forced so to speak, to think about the necessity of our expenses, what we need, really need to
buy, just because the options were limited.

All traffic became limited for a long time. No more travels by plane, holidays were different this summer.
Not everyone wanted to leave the relative safety of our own country. So, everyone who normally would
book a holiday to fly to their distant destination. This meant exploring the options where to stay for a
couple a week, to have quality time with loved ones. No family visits though. This was hard on so many
people. Especially the elder ones, who got isolated. Without the visits of children and grandchildren were
difficult. Staff had to be creative as well to deal with this challenge, to create some comfort.

These challenges also required to do some self-searching, or soul searching for a lot of people. Where
did they get their satisfaction from normally? How to deal with this unknown situation? To go beyond the norm of daily life, also required a flexible attitude to keep or find a new balance. All kinds of emotions,
like how to deal with feeling alone. Depending on your support chain, this has been difficult for a lot of
people. Especially the elder or single people who were cut off so to speak from visits and encounters with

We still have a long way to go in dealing with all the consequences one virus has worldwide spread. How
we can support each other, within our own inner circle, as well as for those who need support caused by a disability for instance. This situation is unknown territory for most people, to feel discomfort and solitude. So, broadening our horizon, stepping into new ways of relationships as well taking care of each other, is
demanding to say the least. It all comes down to the individual as well. How comfortable you are dealing
with new situations, challenges, experiences.

Stepping out of our comfort zone, forced by the pandemic is bringing up new chances as well. Time to
reflect, to feel into the emotions that pop up. How to deal with the triggers that are coming in to show the
unresolved issues. Our emotional and physical wellness is depending on how we can deal with these
types of challenges. Becoming aware, to focus, be conscious of what happens within, to create new
space. To go beyond the horizon of the unknown, our inner world.

So, it will be done

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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