To get something of my chest – through forgiveness

If you feel hurt by someone you will have a hard time finding forgiveness in your heart because you are not yet able to see there is nothing anyone can do to hurt you. You only react to the incident and the feel of betrayal in what kind of sense this will come to you.

You are hurt in trusting and relying on the other one, there is this need inside you that wants to be validated. Or maybe you are dependent on the opinions or love you want to receive. The best way to get something of your chest is using forgiveness. To be able to forgive yourself, or others for that matter will create space. It will lift the pressure you feel in your heart. It enables you to get something off your chest.


And I am not talking about the little incidents, I am talking about the real incidents in life where you as a child already learned to rely on the love of your parents, the love of your family and if you were lucky or should I say deserving in your own opinion, it would teach you how valuable it is to be loved and safe.

If the situation was not safe and healthy it thought you to mistrust others, keeping up walls to safeguard your heart and keep everyone at safe length, but the hurt existed, nevertheless. Now if we are talking about forgiveness, what is it that you need or want to forgive?

Is it the way you were treated, is it the way you did not felt loved at that time or maybe you were lacking just that most important part for you to feel safe in your existence – just loved and beloved? It creates this great discrepancy within yourself if you have not learned to love and trust yourself and feel this Love in your Heart that is being hidden behind the walls you have built around it.

Are you ready to break down these walls? Ready to open up and experience and feel that there is this deep inner connection, that loves you and always will. Ready to get it out of your system? To get it off your chest.

To step up and willing or wanting to free yourself from any experience that didn’t make you feel wanted or loved, the best way is not to walk away from the feelings that are build up inside, the best way is to accept those feelings, to allow them to come forth and by doing so you will see that there is so much more love for you to obtain, not from the outside, no from within Your Self.

Give yourself all the love you might have missed, give yourself the space to come to term with it and release it, not by anger or fear, no by loving yourself, accepting yourself fully. This can create so much energy that is released, that it will also give you the strength to step aside and become the observer and see that all the hurt and pain you carried can be washed away through love.

Forgiveness is nothing else than releasing all hold in energies towards others and yourself, and by doing so you will create Freedom. Freedom to love and receive, freedom to care and take care of yourself and that is the best part. Love of your Self, for you, is by Nature Love itself.

And so, it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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