What is it about the power of imagination

What is it about the Power of Imagination?

Do you know how unique you are being Human,

The only race on this beautiful planet we call Earth,

With the power of imagination.

The animal kingdom and Nature are not able

To imagine a different perspective like us.

In truth, the way we perceive our inner world,

Reflects the way we are able to use our imagination

Being limited to a certain way of thinking

Is also restraining the length or depth of it.

With an open mind you are able to see an expanded reality,

With an outcome we normally couldn’t imagine or

Make it come through as well.

The Power of Imagination is something that has

Brought forth a lot of inspirational messengers.


Through the ages of time, their messages were the

Guidelines through which we were enabled to see

Further then the norm or standard we have put ourselves in.

Through imagination, art and music were created,

Expressing the need to bring into the material world

The love and life energy that we call Life.

Each expression is the outcome of imagination.

In every part of our universe as we perceive,

There is this inner source that pushes us further

When we follow the constant flow of change.

Every creation, either the written or spoken word,

The brush of the painter, the skills of a musician

Are part of this constant influence.

It is embedded within our inner selves,

Enables us to grow and expand in ways

We might never would have without this force.

It created different realities within realities,

It spoke to people through the resistance of the

Duality, to also make us choose how to use this.

It all depends on the way we are inner balanced

Between the positive and negative energy.

This is the tool we use for our own benefit

Or for the benefit of the whole.

So be wisely how you will use the power of Imagination,

It may assist you to grow and expand in service

For others as well to benefit in new ways.

Yet it also be fueled by greed for power and money

And it will turn out a massive force of violence as well.

The way Love and Light will be part of what you want

To change and imagine to come through,

Will define the outcome in the end in the reality

Of life as we know it on this beautiful planet.

Be inspired, use your love to create the best

And beautiful place you want to live in.

This will resonate with everyone else surrounding you

To encourage them to unite through the loving energy

Building a bright and balanced existence for each

And every one they are connected with.

Together we can create a ripple of loving energy through

Our imagination empowered, enabling the change that

Will encourage us to be part of the new way to

Love and respect each aspect of Humanity,

Imagine all those people who are in conflict to

Be part of the change this love revolution.

The power it holds, the more people can and will imagine

The necessary change to be united instead of being divided.

Never underestimate the power of Imagination,

Accept the way you can use it to create a new and better

Or improved way you want to life your live.

Together we can create a totally different outcome,

Through the power of our Imagination combined.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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