The Presence of the Mystic Rose

The Presence of the Mystic Rose

Receiving the image of the pink/red Rose

As a token or symbol for healing and clearing

Of the emotional wounds that needs to be healed,

In order to restore the balance of the inner wealth.

The Devine feminine energy is represented

With the pink/reddish Rose to be understood.

It stands for the compassion and love


That enables to come to fulfillment the sacred

Female energy as in the Mother has been presented

The Mystic Rose has the ability to be used as a token

Within the energy clearing of issues that are connected

With these aspects within the female energy.

Nourishment, caring, loving and compassionate,

Are traits of the female energy as we perceive it.

To be presented as a healing code to work with

The Mystic Rose is something that also brought

Back the memory of something someone told me

So many years ago during a regression, to have

Mother Mary close by me to assist me in my life.

It’s about the universal energy of the Divine Mother

Not just the personification we know as Mother Mary,

Through the churches and stories in the Bible.

It is about the Divine Energy we also can find in

Quan Yin, Kali, Athena, or other goddesses

we know over the world.

To me it is always about the essence of the energy

That is presented to me in my daily existence.

Male or female encounters are always colored

By the way their energy represents itself.

With the vision that comes with the tools and trades

Of being the empath, this Immaculata energy

Is offering me compassion,

as well the need to be the protector of innocence.

This is such a powerful energy to be in connection

With for as long as I can remember.

It also enables me to bring in the balance between

The female as well male energies within my system.

It assisted me to be not just a mother and grandmother,

A wife as well a daughter, a lover as well a friend.

It connected all the qualities we see in the female

As well the male. It gives me the courage as well

the boldness to step up the plate whenever I saw

Injustice or brutality to be done to others.

It is not just about the mystic way of perceiving.

It assists me to bring it into my daily life.

it offers me the opportunity to see with the eyes of compassion,

As well with the eyes of the one, who will take action.

The initiation of the Mystic Rose is more than just a symbol.

To me it is bringing it all together within,

The inner knowledge as well the ancient knowledge

The memories about earlier times and past lives.

The commitment I made to honor and respect

All life in any shape or form.

To love, honor and obey to the universal law of Love,

To be the guardian as well the nourisher of those

Who are in need of understanding and compassion.

And so it will be.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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