Your inner fire is about passion and desire

When you are passionate about something,

You always want more to expand your boundaries.

Desire of the most uplifting and wonderful sensations,

That come through the senses of our human being.

The dance of Life that can bring in the highs and lows

All combined in one simple act of expression. (more…)

Life is Love so every act that comes from that inner well

Or source connection we also call Soul’s expression

Is a experience that will kindle that light of flame

We feel within our heart and every way we can express.

Creativity is one of the tools that a human experience

Can bring forth the most humbling as well

Blissful sensations in our emotional and physical body.

The experience of total bliss doesn’t require an act,

Nor does it need to be searched or looked for.

To experience total bliss within one self is connected

With this inner fire that sparks our soul and being.

It comes also through the love and expression

Of unconditional love between two souls.

It fills your heart to expand fully in order to embrace

The vibration and frequency of Love that flows with it.

Surrendering to this blessing that comes with it,

It opens up all your senses within your being as well.

To sit in the Sun and surrender to the fullest Life

Has to offer can be enough to enjoy and experience

What a wonderful and joy filled sensation this is.

The fire is rising up high in  every cell and pour of

You celebrating all that you are and will be.

Music is one of the most powerful tools to reach

That sensation of total surrender and bliss.

Musicians are gifted with a unique talent to

Bring in the energy of Life in a way that touches

Heart and soul in so many ways, just because of

The passion and desire they have to bring in.

Touching so many layers through music as well

Through art and every form of creativity.

These are the tools we are using as human beings

To express and share our passion and desires.

In each of us is this fire of love, passion and desire

For  that is the way we are expressing ourselves.

The desire to be able to produce and to share

Comes from the deep passion of feeling alive.

Without the passion there is no desire, as there

Is no desire without the passion, the inner fire

That is called Love and Light, as well Life in all

Its facets and aspects to enjoy, celebrate and

Honor, to respect and to be shared in a wonderful

Loving connection as ways to show our soul

To each other in a magical wonderful and enchanted way.

Dare to be passionate and don’t be afraid of desire,

For that would hold you back on that what is your

Own natural state of being, the spark of Divine

Follow your Heart’s desire to express itself

With passion and commitment to One Self.

And so it will be done

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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