Do you walk away, or make it your business to get involved

When people say it is none of your business, they mean walk away and don’t intervene in any way. They don’t want you to mingle or but in. It is the opposite of caring for each other and love as a guide to assist or lend a hand. When you are told to mind your own business, it comes from a place of fear, anger, worry or whatever emotion you can come up with. So what do you do? Do you walk away? Let’s say you see someone hitting their child in a super market and you want to address them. Do you walk away or are you reacting to the event and speak up? We all know these moments, we already reacted biting our  tongue, or too afraid to speak up for the repercussions. (more…)

It is not your business, is a phrase that is used often when people don’t want you to intervene. Yet when is it your business? Is this something we learn through society, teachers, parents when we are supposed to stay out of someone’s business? I was triggered today by the theme words we were given in order to write a new article. Always a challenge yet always a good way to just digest the words to see what comes up. Because I know this will always trigger something I am passionate about. As well triggered, because a lot of people tend to ignore what happens around them out of fear.  So what do you do when you come across a situation that is threatening as well damaging to someone else, not able to defend themselves?

I know a lot of questions to ponder. What do I do when I come across a situation that needed to be addressed. Anyway in my point of view, because something had to tip the scale in its favor of the innocent or vulnerable one. Or make even numbers so the situation is more equal. Yet it also can take a lot of courage to step up in order to defend someone. Especially when you don’t know them at all. Or is it easier to speak up to a stranger, instead of someone close, like family. All the child abuse within a family can be ignored. Every women battering that is not addressed allows it to continue. We all see a lot of prove of this all over the world. During wars on a big scale, as well the domestic wars in our own surroundings.

If we want to be of assistance, we speak up and address it. If not for love, then for what else? How can we be part of abuse by ignoring and letting it escalate, if we choose to walk away. What does that tell us about ourselves, as well the society we create along the way. I cannot stand by and watch how someone is mistreated and has no means to stand up, or defend his or herself. You know how kids can play on a playground and start bullying another child. Mostly as a group with one leader. As a parent what do you do while waiting for the bell to ring? Even if it doesn’t include your own kid. Do you step up, or expect the teachers to resolve it. Or the parents for that matter. Are you letting yourself restricted by fear of opinions or repercussions. In other words, are you minding your own business, look the other way or walk away?

We have seen throughout history what happens if we walk away and mind our own business. The power a group has over one individual is way bigger then we realize most of the time. When there is social control within a group, one individual will not be allowed to abuse anyone that seems weaker. You can see this within every group of people, every family as well. When it comes to over powering or empowering, what would you choose? We all want to be loved and sheltered, nourished and empowered. So when times are changing, we all can become involved. Not just because we care and are not afraid to speak up, because we are responsible as well. Ignoring a situation is allowing it to continue.

If it is fear that is holding us  back to get involved, what would love create. How can we be in service as well to ourselves as to others, in order to change this perspective of fear. What is it you and I need to give the strength and courage as well to speak up and don’t walk away from it. If it’s the perception, it is actually not our business which needs to be addressed, become aware. Start looking within, to see how you would feel, if you were in this position. What would you like others to do for you? We can create a world together where responsibility is the connection between each other. Not by force, or fight. That is it our business how everyone we love is being treated with respect, kindness and honor as well. We don’t have to allow others to manipulate or abuse those who are weaker and not able to defend themselves. Dominance is never out of Love, always comes through fear and misusing power.

This process starts within ourselves first. Love and respect for ourselves, as well being worth it to be loved and respected. This knowingness will change every perspective we had about the impact it has and had on our inner lives. Through the compassion of the Heart as well the kindness we can give to ourselves, to be gentle with ourselves as well.  Then we will be able to make it our business, to step up the plate and be the one who will create change. It is a fine line to know when you step back or walk away from any kind of abuse and danger. Trusting the inner change of self-love and self-worth will enable us step by step, to address the issues at hand. Not to walk away, but lend a hand and get it out into the open. All of us, every soul wants to be loved, so it is our business.

And so it will be.

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