When thoughts come to mind

I was wondering how certain topics come to mind seemingly out of the blue. You know how thoughts can take you by surprise. Not even aware there is something going on that triggers the way something pops up. So this make me look at the thoughts that came to mind and the correlation they held within my emotional body. It couldn’t just be random thoughts linked to past experiences and the emotions connected with them. Or were these thoughts not just mine? It has this connection with my beloved, experiences and challenges we went through together. Yet each in our own way.


I was looking at the way they presented them to me. Asking if they were emotions that still needed to be cleared. Did they needed healing at my end so to speak, or was there a different kind of soul work going on? Because of the way I am looking at them without attachment, the inner reactions are way different. If you follow the train of thoughts that are affecting your emotional world, the risk it spirals downwards is always present. Over thinking what has happened, have the tendency to bring back the emotions connected with the experiences.

Yet this felt different to me. I know how I felt at the time. Which elements were being triggered and what it caused emotionally. The inner turmoil at that time is like a distant scenery, fading so to speak. Yet I still am the spectator of the challenge. I know how I acted and reacted at the time, healing the experience. Allowing it to work through deep layers within to be healed as well reconnected. We both have been doing a lot of soul work together. With the transition of my beloved, we knew he would have the over view, yet as well his own soul work. He would have the work cut out for him in order to heal certain aspects within.

With the inner connection we both have, on either side of the veil, I still feel what process here is proceeding within his journey on the other side. Sometimes the reflections that pop up as random thoughts, I learn to recognize them as being his phases in his healing process. Learning and working through the lifetime karmic lineage we share. I know this sounds maybe weird, or out of the ordinary. Yet to me, it is the direct heart to heart  connection we still have, being apart together. What the thoughts bring up is also my test or challenge so to speak. To see if there are still emotions which needs to be addressed.

It is through the eyes of both of us to learn how attached or detached we are in this process of developing. Memories that pop up at times, words that has been spoken or left out. Situations and encounters. They all are part in this inner work we both still are doing together. Apparently I was going to say. Yet this morning waking up with another unexpected thought process, I knew this isn’t about me to bring in love and healing. The layers we have been working through, the healing it brought on so many levels. All I can do is to feel and watch, if there are parts within me that need healing. Is there still something lingering, anger, sorrow, fear or any other emotion.

That’s when I learned it wasn’t about me. The detachment within the experienced emotions showed me that this is being processed on another level. It shows me how connected we are in every way, through love and energy, flowing freely heart to heart. Being so much a part of each other is showing me how this transcends death the way we see it. I am fully aware about the essence and presence of my beloved still, in a more subtle way. Not through the harshness at times in the material world we live in. Yet through the Love of our souls and the road we have travelled. Grateful I am, blessed I feel to be part of this journey together.

To be able to give it a new place within myself as well. To be able to recognize the difference, between my journey present and his journey on the other side of the veil. How we both can grow, evolve and expand together each in our own way. Love as the Master Key, that holds everything together. On every level possible to connect still. Being present with me, unexpectedly showing me what process is being done. The joy it brings to my heart, the smile it puts on my face, the love felt so deep within every cell of my being. The thoughts are a tool to connect you and me. The promise we made to each other. We both have agreed to the journey, Heartfelt. When thoughts come to mind.

Inner-connected on all levels still, our soul connection alive and kicking. Love as the carrier to follow our mission. What makes me happy the most, is to sense and feel the healing work you are doing on the other side of the veil. Mastering the compassion with Self, in every way possible. Allowing and accepting without attachments on my part. Togetherness when thoughts come to mind.

And so It will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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