Vulnerability, strength or weakness?

I am challenged all my life with this aspect. Setting myself up with an open heart and being vulnerable came with experiences which weren’t all that positive. Sometimes stepped on my heart, other times betrayed where I was trusting. These were all learning processes which we all have in our life. The more painful the experience was, there was always this inner response of closing.

Opening up to everyone who came into my life wasn’t always the success I thought it should have been. Yet there was also a different response as well. With an open heart and mind I encountered wonderful loving people as well, who validated and responded accordingly.

So when I started with my training and learning to work with energy, this way of opening up, was allowing me to tap into the ways of healing. Because of my high sensitivity and empath signature, I was already as a child able to tune into the energy fields of others. Not that I knew that as a kid what it was I sensed beneath the exterior.

Most of the times it was not aligned with each other. I learned a lot through the connection and bond with my mother. We were connected with a telepathic ability as well. When I sensed an emotional reaction within, which she didn’t showed, I asked her if she was feeling alright. I could feel the emotion within her, and it didn’t correlated with her reaction.

She normally would respond with reassuring me she was alright, there is nothing to worry about. This caused doubting myself because I knew it wasn’t true. Being a child this was shielded by her, because she didn’t wanted me to worry. It took me years later to realize, I always knew when something was up, or upsetting her behind her mask she showed me. Because she and I were so close, it was even more challenging to trust my senses and inner knowing. Years later when I was able to reflect on this period, I learned this is my natural way of feeling behind the masks people present.

So growing up with this quality to be open and tuning into the emotional state of mind, as well the physical, was coming with hick ups. You could say I was naïve to expect my open heart would be returned in the same way. Or Star-eyed as some would say. I learned people let you in their heart as far as they can and will let you. Even when you love them whole-hearted, or unconditionallyVulnerability, what does it mean? Being vulnerable always had a somewhat negative resonance. A lot of people think that being vulnerable means you are setting yourself up for disaster.

If you look this up on the meaning of the word vulnerability its always connected with a negative reaction or emotions. Either being susceptible to physical harm or damage. Or being susceptible to emotional injury, especially in being easily hurt: a lonely child who is vulnerable to teasing. It even steps up when it comes to politics.

Like in the description of being Susceptible to attack: “We are vulnerable both by water and land, without either fleet or army” (Alexander Hamilton). As well open to censure or criticism. The word comes from Latin vulnerāre, to wound, from vulnus, vulner-, wound. No wonder we are having trouble with being or feeling vulnerable.

It also depends on the way we are being raised, in what kind of culture or religion. If the culture if very masculine orientated, the way vulnerability is perceived will be more negative. Religions can teach us how to be loving in an unconditional way, with an open heart. By using examples of gurus, masters, angels or other ways of expressions the awakened state or ascended or transcended being.

Yet humanity has used religion as well politics in a way we are susceptible to attack, and open to censure or criticism. So we didn’t learn to trust on being vulnerable as a sign of strength or courage for that matter. Vulnerability isn’t connected solely with a negative perception? Vulnerability is at least something that we all can connect with, and recognize as well through our life experiences.

Yet I have also experienced that letting down my guard so to speaktrusting my inner knowingness as well my ability to love isn’t always wounding. On the contrary, it is an uplifting experience when I am able to be in my own Heartfelt connection. It is giving me confidence in the way I can relate to people around me when I don’t expect the same in return. The minute you let your walls tumble and are reconnected with this inner fire of Love, there is no such thing as fear of being vulnerable.

We are letting go of our masks along the way when you choose to walk the path of Love instead of fear. Healing and releasing old emotional wounds as well those that are still present. The freedom we create during this process is immense. The way we can tap into our inner nature which comes with a big heart filled with love.

Fear is vanishing because where love exist fear cannot. Vulnerable gets a whole new meaning. It is about opening up the lotus within the heart. It is about embracing every aspect not just within yourself. It is witnessing the pain and sorrow within the other person and the challenges they are going through as much as your own.

Not about wounding the other person by being vulnerable. Its honoring the way the other is able to open up and showing their faces, a miracle showing me all these places. Vulnerable or vulnerability is re-creating itself, the energy as being sensed as scary or something to be afraid off is changing. We can honor each other instead of the need to over power.

We can see the flaws with love and acceptance, instead of condemning them. We can turn it into strength instead of weakness. It all starts within. The only way to change a different perception comes through a heart that trust itself. Love instead of fear. Then this will change into a precious gift to receive as well to share. In loving connection with each other.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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