The fine line between fiction and reality

Growing up with imaginary friends, playing and pretending. To be told it wasn’t real, yet it was my world, how could it not be. Drawing my fantasy world and years later come across the same image. This time with meaning and being real at the same time. Not knowing as a child what it was I saw. Nobody could explain it or showed me where to find it. Imagined trips to school on a horse back, just because it felt natural and real. Could feel the breeze in my hair and the cadence of the horses steps. The freedom in the running together, wild and free. How I knew, nobody could tell me then, so it was just fiction and no reality. Till I read the books of Eagle Eye and his companion White Feather years later.

How did I knew the things I draw, envisioned, imagined. I was told it was just fantasy, fiction, not real because it only existed in fairy tales. Yet I could connect with these fairy tales, the Princess and the Pea, the Ugly Duckling, Snow White and the seven Dwarfs. For me as a child I disappeared in the story, in the book and lived it. To me it wasn’t fiction. It was real because I could relate to the fights for right and wrong, the morale of  a story. The emotions on both sides, as well the good and the ugly, to me weren’t fiction. I could sense them from within and they were seen in the real world around me as well. Identifying with one more than the other, I learned through the books the wisdom as well the importance of what was to be told right and wrong.


Fiction comes from a very creative mind, the stories as well the drawings. The way people are able to create a cartoon movie with characters is pure magic. How a simple drawing is able to express so many emotions without being or resembling human. Was I the only one with a fantasy world, imaginary and fiction. No not by a long shot, the world is filled with people who are capable to capture fiction into reality and visa versa. Crafted and mastering the techniques to create an illusion, posted as a reality. Like the Beauty and the Beast story, started out as a fairytale, yet created from a deep inner well of wisdom. Teachings wrapped in the illusive world of fiction and fantasy. Yet for me it goes deeper than that. As I do believe this goes for most of these creations of fiction.

How ancient times relive as well the future is presented through movies into our present day to day life. The knowledge that comes from deep within at times is mind blowing at times. I draw pictures from my subconscious in order to connect with something that came from deep within. As a child I was connected through past and present timelines as well future images. So where did they came from. I had to learn to adapt to real life time in the world around me. Being told I saw fiction, while I knew it was a reality. Not from this lifetime, yet it had or has been real in another universe that was mine as well. Hungry for knowledge I dove in the world of myths, from every nation that triggered my attention from within.

Fiction or reality, at times when the veil is thin and my consciousness is alert, I can make the connection with other aspects of myself through different lifetime experiences. They always bring up a lesson to learn on this planet yet not always do they resemble this world as I know it. Parallel universes people talk about when we try to discover more about reincarnation and incarnation of the soul. The more knowledge I gathered over the years, my connection with the fictional world became more and more real. Dreaming about angels as a child, sensing them close by is no longer fiction. To me the different forms of energy are providing me with connections I need to learn more and more about myself. Where did I came from, where do I go, what is fiction and what is real.

We walk a thin line between fiction and reality as humanity as well. It is not just about me, this is universal. Nations and communities are creating their reality, founded and based on ancient experiences about good and bad, right and wrong, love and hate, fear and freedom. What we at times feel to be fiction can present itself in this reality in the blink of an eye. We only have to look around to all the conflicts around the world to witness the fairytale morale we are being told. Good versus the higher good for all. Be who you are, for that is all you can be. Using your qualities in order to be the hero in your own story, isn’t it. Overcoming the challenges, making mistakes along the way, pick ourselves up again, trying to learn from them. By creating a new reality through disappointments, loss and sorrow.

There is always this inner world, either we call it fiction and fantasy, or we accept the reality that lies within. Our innate passion to be loved and give love to those around us. This is fiction for some, real to others. Every creation we see in books and movies are an expression of this process. Stories will be told over generations in order to pass love and light. They show up all over our planet and hold memories alive. So fiction can become the ultimate reality that we as a family, a nation, a community can live together in balance and harmony. Dream your reality and change your world, from within it starts. Never be afraid of your inner connection that enables you to express yourself. The thinner the line between fiction and reality, the more equilibrium we create between our inner and outer worlds.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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