The Truth about your Inner Strength

When you are connected with your Heart

Listening to the whispers and nudges,

Not even doubting what to do next,

You are tapping into your inner Strength.

It is sometimes real subtle to hear

And it requires a certain tuning in

Ready to listen with a different kind of hearing.

When you are able to step aside

The essence of the inner truth will be revealed.


If you are debating or doubting what you hear

You only have to ask yourself, is this love?

What will be good not just for me,

But also for the other one as well.

How can we benefit the most in a non-dual way.

The moment you step away from force

Or even from fight in order to make your case

You  can step aside to hear what the best solution

Can be in any kind of situation.

The more you can rely of the voice of intuition,

The clear hearing and vision that comes with it,

It will also strengthen you as a human,

As the person you are and you want to be.

Truth is, if we can drop the drama in our life

And realize we are the creator of our experiences

We can take responsibility for or actions as well

The choices we make along the way.

Following by trusting the inner voice to encounter

Your day to day life with others and challenges

The way we can step up and allow ourselves

To express our truth from a different kind of perspective,

The way we can rely on the way it will be revealed

Even though we don’t know the outcome yet.

We also experience that this is giving us more

And more confidence to trust on it, which then

Builds our inner Strength.

Where doubting is no longer needed.

Standing for the truth of your heart and vision,

to be outspoken and shared,

Is creating the inner knowing.

That’s where your true Inner Strength

Is seated, in the knowing of the true Heartfelt

Messages that are being shared in order to be heard.

Love creates the bridge between inner and outer world,

The balance within without the duality felt before.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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