What about creating space?

Now I can hear you say, what kind of space are we talking about, the inner space or the out there space.
To me, these are connected always. Because the minute I feel the turmoil within myself caused by
emotions, I notice it’s the effect in my surroundings as well. The attention that is drawn within to deal with the
upcoming emotions, and most of the time the more heavy ones, I cannot bring it in at the same time in
my outer environment. The light energy caused by happiness, joy, laughter, and love is making every
task light and pleasant to fulfil. Yet the minute the energy comes with frustration, sorrow, pain even, will
make it all the harder even to start with the normal day to day routine.


It takes a lot of effort and discipline, at least for me, to start my day than just to get out of bed, do my
normal daily routine and whatever is needed to be done. I have a clear vision when my mood is light, no
clutter in my head to disturb it. The minute I am being triggered by anxiety or whatever there is that is
challenging, I have more trouble with concentration, less focused, easier to distract by the mind track that
comes with emotions. It is even more difficult to anticipate after surgery or illness when the body needs
to heal again, the energy level is not at its normal and the way it is causing discomfort or even worse,
disability. Those are the triggers that are invasive within my own energy body, emotional as well mentally and physically. It doesn’t leave to much space for me to steer around in my normal way let alone
a balanced and easy way.

So how can we go about creating space with let’s start the inner space? I know the triggers that are in my
system which cause me to cramp up somewhat. It also depends on weather I should share a space literally
with someone else, or when I am just on my own. This is more demanding If I share my outer space with
someone else, either partner and kids, or dog for that matter. Everything that is being brought into my
living area is demanding on my energy level. On your own, you can be easily more at ease with yourself,
or is it just my perception. I know for sure, I am most of the time more at ease on my own. Does that
make me a hermit? No, yet being highly sensitive and empath, sometimes it is easier to be just in my own
space without the interference of all the energies others bring in my space.

The need to be able to create a safe space within is something I am very aware of. It is like standing in
the eye of a storm, everything else that surrounds me can be in turmoil, as long as I am in this sacred
space within myself, I can keep my balance and makes me able to keep my focus as well my attention
directed on any task that needs to be done. It has been a journey to learn to connect with this safe place,
this inner asylum, tested over and over again. Emotionally, physically as well mentally. The most direct
way to stay tuned within my inner space is through the physical energy in grounding myself. Being firmly
rooted literally is giving me the balance I need to confront any trigger that is trying to get me out of my
own inner space. This is not just for me a necessity. There are many like me who are having trouble
staying within their own inner space, just because they are highly sensitive to the energies surrounding them. The way we are wired is different and can cause being unbalanced and create disharmony within, just because we are reading the energy of those around us.

It is easy to deal with the energy of love, joy, and happiness. It is more difficult if you have to deal with
anger, disease, sorrow, pain, fear or abusive energies. These are draining if you are not aware of the
effect it can have on your own energy level. It is important for everyone to be aware of your own inner
space and boundaries. Because this life on Earth is all about boundaries and space. Every interaction
we have is about space or evasive actions. There is a lot of being told about the importance of creating
your own space. Some take this literally and are decorating one room in their home, just to have a
physical space to retreat to when everything is to hectic. Spa and wellness are booming because of this
development in awareness. Yet you can go to a spa or wellness every day, that doesn’t automatically
make you secure in your own inner space. You need to address that as well, or even more so in order
to create that inner space of peace and calm.

Actually you can write a book about this topic I guess, if you want to include practices or ways how to
learn this way of creating space. There probably are already many out there. All I can do is write from my
own perspective and what works for me. Not necessarily will work for someone else. Yet the common
factor is the way we feel about ourselves. If we are in our own space, there is no need to hold up any boundaries in order to feel safe against whatever we are facing. Inner and outer space will reflect each
other as well. In good and bad ways. Turmoil and clutter in the mind and the emotional world will be reflected
more often as a disorganized household, more than a very clean and organized home. Or you are
someone who is using this energy to be like a turbo going through your home, just in order to keep
yourself busy and distracted. Or maybe even to have to sense of control over what is going on. So to
keep your own outer space clean is one way to control your environment.

To me, I like my space clean and organized in an easy way. I love it when my home is feeling at ease
and peaceful. This is a reflection of how I feel within. It is also easier to clean and keep it that way. I am
not very fond of doing my household chores. I am on the other hand very aware of my inner household
chores that need attention in order to stay peaceful and at ease. It is not always an easy task, yet one I
am very committed to. It is okay to have boundaries, yet not too strict or too tight for me. Then I start to
wriggle until I am out of the loop again so to speak. It is also about freedom and connection to these
boundaries we encounter in our day to day life. So a very big and important aspect you might say. All I
can do is make sure I will have my own inner safe space to be in so I will not be affected as much by
energies from the outside. In that way, I am creating space and not just for me.

Being in a safe place also has an effect on someone else. For everything that is out of balance or
addressed specifically to you in a personal way, it will either flow by like water or you can breathe it and
let it pass and breathe out again without being triggered in order to respond in a manner the other
person expects you to. This will create a shift as well as a change in perception. And because it is a neutral
response or loving response, it will not add to the negativity. Now when you are being showered with
love, you know what to do.. you share and create more space together, inside and out…

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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