Determined to shed all masks

We all are familiar carrying masks towards not just the outside world, yet also to ourselves as well. In order to hide from any danger or not being aware. We learn in this society of duality with a male energy to it, to shield or protect ourselves. What better way then to put on a mask, to hide you feel vulnerable, or from a place of fear for prosecution. I can only speak for myself of course when it comes down to letting go of the masks I have been wearing over the years. The one I felt I needed to wear is the one of boldness. It may seem strange to put on that mask. Yet my nature holds both the male as well the female energies within itself, and being bold and speaking up for my truth came naturally.

It was not meant to cause any trouble, a song comes to mind right now, writing this down. Nor was it meant to cause you any trouble. I never had to speak up my mind actually. Most people around me when I was growing up to be a teenager could read my eyes. When I was upset about something that happened, which wasn’t fair, teachers saw it without me saying a word. I could make a choice not to speak. To stay out of trouble so to speak. Yet when the teacher felt threatened or knew he or she made the wrong decision, my eyes betrayed me. Not as in betraying, they showed my true feelings. To a point I was ordered to leave the classroom, because of the way I looked at the teacher.


My mask of boldness carried me through many different situations. Not being afraid to speak my mind, or step up to defend or protect someone in trouble. Being responsible solely for myself, it wasn’t destructive or caused any trouble, other than myself at times. All things changed when I got in a relationship with the love of my love. Learning to deal with the turmoil it came with, I had to put on not just my mask of boldness, I also had to use my mask of female warrior. The surroundings and experiences we were encountering were difficult and hard on both of us. It took a lot of courage as well forgiveness in order to bring in the so needed balance and healing.

Confusing maybe as it is, yet it was a different aspect, for me to learn to handle in a way it served my partner. To take in the consideration of some ones wounds and learning process, was something that required more patience and empathy. It also required taking a step back at times, in order to let the process take place in a different tempo or ways. To the extend I was enabled to let go of the female warrior mask again. What to think about becoming a parent and the masks you at times have to put on. The guardian, the mother, the caretaker, the protector, the defender, the soft female side, the tender one, the receiving one, the lover and beloved, the parent as well the child, the healer and the healing one.

Throughout the years they all passed by one at a time, some together when needed. With my heart on my tongue, my boldness mask never really left me. Whenever I saw any kind of injustice or knew things weren’t in order, this mask showed itself, as well the female warrior one. Because I choose to incarnate as a female human being, she was never far away, connected as she is with the bold male version. I could easily say, they are part of the same coin. The fierce energy would come out whenever someone I love was in some kind of trouble or danger. That’s the protector mask I wear. I also love to take care and provide of loved ones and family, so my caretaker mask is familiar as well. The soft and tender mask, that’s a different one.

This mask comes forth with my children, any child of mine knows this soft space. Although it comes with a stern mask as well, growing up and setting boundaries. The innocence of a little child, a toddler demands for a soft and tender approach, as we would need to do to our own inner child as well. The protector mask wants to provide a safe space, the nourisher a healthy and abundant place with warmth and healthy food, nourishment. When a child or anyone I love gets hurt, physical, mental, emotional, etherical even, then the healer mask comes forth. It is like this sword of knowing and cutting through the layers of ignorance and not being conscious about consequences.

It will cut the cords, when it is required, because the ultimate mask is no mask at all, it all blends into one. It is in every aspect of my being, each part of the whole that I am. What is clear is the souls mission we take upon us. Everyone of us wants to connect and be able to stand tall without any mask. Because the ability of living your life without any mask, is living through Love. With love as the key to every blocked energy caused by fear, emotional or physical wounds, misunderstandings, we are able to stand up within our heart. Feeling the love, receiving the love, returning the love. I was and still am determined to shed any and all mask, in order to integrate every particle and aspect of me.

Then there will be love in every way I can relate. Either to the challenges I am presented with, with all the triggers that are still there, or to the flow of loving energy that feels natural to begin with. Our inner child holds every particle for us. We only can heal ourselves, when we start healing our inner child from all the emotional wounds. Either past, present or future, for this is all in One. Choose for yourself, not in a egocentric way. Choose for yourself to be the most you can be with all the aspects and masks aligned within the sacred space of your Heart. Be determined. Follow your passion. Allow the love to touch you in your deepest levels. Bring forth the Love without any shame. For this is our natural state. Be determined to shed of your masks, to shine this loving center through every cell of your being. For they are all in One, and all that I am.

And so it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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