Without Resistance

This week was all about making choices to deal with physical challenges. As much as I am trusting the energy of my light body’s awareness to pick up resistance. Normally I use more natural medication, like homoeopathy, Reiki, and crystals. Yet at times I know I must make the choice to accept assistance through the more regular medicines. I learned to trust my ability to work through these challenges. All I can do is feeling in the emotion of resistance to check what is lying underneath this energy.


Throughout the years I had to accept besides the more natural remedies the regular medicines as well. Like I was telling my doctor this week I received every year around this time an antibiotic, which sounds like a paradox. Because the physician who prescribed it was a homoeopathic doctor. She prescribed this because she knew my body needed assistance to rebalance again. The cure was effective every time. For me both ways of health care can work together, not excluding one. It is about acceptance as well for me.

At an early age, I studied the more natural ways of healing. Followed by training to be a spiritual healer, it provided me with much insight. At times, the holistic way of living was different from my surroundings. The way I used to treat illness through a more alternative way, was causing people around to frown their eyebrows. To put it mildly. There was a lot of resistance in those days, the alternative healing, as it was perceived, raised an of discussion as well. To me, it brought me a great perspective.

Learning along the way to trust the messages I receive, not always without resistance I may add. Yet through the years, it all became clearer. Walking the spiral so to speak, where I found my challenges in more different ways. Yet always telling the same story about going through the resistance to deal with challenges. There have been many. I had to dive deep to work my way through all the resistances it came with. Never could I imagine the clearing and healing it has brought me, on so many levels. In so many forms.

I came to realize, all I had to do, is take a good look inside myself. Triggers that were brought up, were only messages and tools. Coming from within, where unresolved issues might slumber still. The way it presents it, has a lot to say about the energy that comes through. Physical, mental, and emotional issues are all connected as one. Nothing is being left out, nothing has been unseen if you genuinely want to resolve any lingering or stuck energy. Through love and compassion for oneself, it will work out in ways you would never have imagined it would.

It is not always about you, was a wonderful realization as well. When I came to realize a lot of experiences had a lot to do with the opinions of others. I learned about the way projection works. How someone is projecting their own emotional state of mind, or perception as if it was yours. This is not always clear to say when you doubt yourself. Yet if it feels like it has nothing to do with you, how you act, it will be a sign it is not about you. You will sense and feel the resistance, yes for sure. Yet it is up to you how to deal with that.

The way people may judge and condemn, tells a lot about their state of mind, as well their own inner believes about themselves. It also masks what emotional state lies beneath. The resistance that is felt when people lash out, is more about the energy that comes with it. The negative energy is sometimes hard to deal with. It is very natural to feel pressed by it, to avoid it, to respond even. Yet it will only create more negative energy within your own emotional body, as well as your state of mind. So how can we move through those situations without resistance?

For me, it has been a learning process, that is for sure. Over the years I have dealt with enough judgmental people who thought they had to speak up. Even without being asked for their opinion. Or just because they were not asked for their opinion. That always creates more resistance. Ventilating one’s own opinions. Learning to see that kind of process, created more understanding and knowledge about our human psychic. To work through your own inner processes, to create balance and self-love, comes with self-worth as well. Love is the master key in all of this. It eliminates resistance.

Love comes without resistance. So, loving myself creates this inner space, where resistance fades away. To be able to accept it for what it is, to breathe through it, enables me to go with what may come up. It also allows me to trust my inner gut feeling, which is telling me every time what to trust. So, to live a life without resistance, through love, is the greatest blessing I received. A gift to give to me, freely and unconditionally.

And so, it will be done.

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