How do you want your seeds to sprout?

Like planting seeds in the ground, you have an expectation of what you think might happen to occur. This is the case with thoughts as well. Yet when we take a step back, in order to bring in a seed of thought, without expectation, it might sprout in a totally unexpected way. The way we relate to each other is coloured by the expectations we have how it will be. The hope or the need to want to change the interaction, or just talk your truth, is depending on this. For it is all about energy. Love creates freedom as well. For every individual to understand or integrate with some messages they receive.

As it might not be in the way you think it would, or expect it would, it is in perfect order then. There is space within to let the seeds grow into fertility, to create the blossoming process. What is needed to sprout the beautiful changes, when done in love and freedom. Letting go and not have expectations in the way the other one will perceive your message, makes the difference. It is all defining the way the message is received. It takes its own time, and it isn’t about you, the messenger.


How we can enable the process of growth, of expanding the seeds into blossoming. When it comes to our mineral and elemental process, we need watering the seeds. We need to take time to allow the growth in its own way. We cannot hurry up; we cannot force the process. Most likely our impatient is getting in our way if the expected outcome isn’t there yet. We absorb the energy from within so to speak. Our own inner world is a constant changing essence, reacting and responding to what we encounter.

We have the desire at times in our connections with others, loved ones, to assist them in difficult or hard times. We might even be attempted to tell them what to do, how to do it, instead of reaching out and offering a hand for guidance. So, with what intent we offer is colouring the way the message will be perceived. If it doesn’t have the wanted outcome you pictured, maybe it’s because of the way you have worded it. If it offered freely without any personal expectation, will change the outcome as well.

So, look at yourself, what is it you want to happen with the advice, the assistance you offer. How coloured is it about the way you want the other to do what you offer, and taking it personally when the result isn’t what you wanted? In other words, what do you want? How personal is the outcome affecting your inner emotional world? What do you want to see how your seeds are sprouting? To blossom and renew, to assist and help to change what the other one is going through. How many of us know the frustration and even anger when you offered help and assistance, without the required results?

If you regard your advice, your words as seeds, that needs time to sprout, you can take a step back. It enables the other one to process it in its own way, pace, time so to speak. If you want what’s best for the other one, you want them to be able to change the patterns, believes, and fears. You want the best for your loved ones, friends and family. Even if you know through experience, the steps they might need to take to create change. It requires to offer free and then takes a step back and don’t take it personally if the outcome isn’t what you wanted it to be.

Thoughts and emotions are the inner tools to verbalize what you want or need. How much you are depending on confirmation or acknowledgement. If that’s the drive for you, then your seeds of assistance will never come to sprout the way you intended it to be. It also creates this inner turmoil even more with stirring it up to your own rejection perhaps. Your advice is then coloured with your own expectations to be heard, to be seen, or to be appreciated even. It requires a different state of consciousness and awareness, to offer your words of assistance free from any expectations or wishes.

If you think about it, we all plant seeds every day with every encounter in life. The relationships we have, with family, friends and our loved ones. The way we express our emotions, the way we interact with each other, will colour the way your seeds will sprout, or not. Love is coming from a space within ourselves, that enables us to offer freely our advice, our support, our way of relating. To look at it from a different angle, to understand the power there is in the energy of words as well as messages. Our mental and emotional state of being is our frequency and vibration as well.

The balance we want to see in the other, is, without doubt, the balance we require for ourselves as well. It is easy to project our own inner turmoil on someone else. It is a different perspective to be able to know when you are projecting your own emotions. It is also a journey through our own inner world, to learn to know and trust our inner intuition. It is asking a different approach as well. You can offer a hand, assistance, love form a different space within. Sometimes the seeds we plant will sprout months later perhaps. Because it takes its own time to process and to sprout.

Love is creating a safe space, to allow the seeds to sprout in their own time. To surface and come forward, when they have landed in fertile soil. All you can do, share and let go, allow it to be processed accordingly, freely given, without personal expectation. Patience is part of it as well, compassion and kindness too. Love has many tools, which all come in to play this dance of the seeds, to sprout in a beautiful way.

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