When the present feels like a big puzzle

Pondering about the word puzzle as well how this resonates within it fell into place so to speak. Like we are walking on the spiral of Life, encountering all these stones along the way we step on. Or bump or toes on. To me, this always has been my way of visualizing it. Every time I stepped upon a stone, or blockade if you will, it was about a part of the puzzle for me to unravel. The challenges it brought up and the way I was able to bring back balance within myself again. This wasn’t about just a one time experience though. It is walking the spiral where all these experiences are showing up, every time bringing up a similar response. (more…)

For me, it was like bringing in love and light within each challenge that came with it. Together they formed a bigger picture and became I more and more aware of what it was holding. Moving through the experiences, every stone I picked up, dealt with, recognized it for what it meant, it shed a layer of stuck energy. Some were denser, others easier to understand and rebalance. It moved me through the layers of many lifetimes, because they held similar wounds and fear, as I discovered this lifetime. Every time an opportunity appeared to start healing old fears, it had its impact as well on my present life, as well past. Knowing now that whatever I come across this lifetime holds some key elements in it.

Whatever they represent, it always comes with fear, sense of loss and betrayal. It made me understand the mechanism that holds the patterns as well. The more I understood of the interaction between the fear I felt in a challenging experience and the lack of love towards myself, it came up to the surface. Whatever lies beneath the surface will have to be addressed. Hence the stones along the way. It brings in healing and balances the moment I was able to see the bigger picture so to speak. We all come to this earth with our own unique pattern and signature. Whatever we want to experience in order to heal and remember, it also shows itself in bits and pieces. Not as a whole picture you can see from above, or high up which gives you a better way to see what it holds, before we can start to unfold.

Bringing those pieces together, the puzzle will reveal more an more of the key element that needs to be addressed. What I experience now is very different compared to the ones 20 or 40 years ago. I am not the same person I was at the age of 8, or 24, or in my 40ies. Let alone compared to where I stand right now. The red thread that binds and connects it all are the missing pieces to be discovered along the way. My life that unfolds itself in ways I never could have foreseen, nor expected to become as it is. The only thing that made it perfectly clear, was the sense of betrayal, that kept me at times from loving unconditionally. Not just love myself deeply, also those whom betrayed me

Sometimes not even aware of their actions and the way I felt it. Other times set on purpose to cause harm. It is easier to forgive those who act in a way they feel it’s the right way, make the decision in order to change something. Even if the outcome didn’t work out the way they thought it would be. The experiences and challenges that were also part of this puzzle, are those who made a choice knowing this would cause pain and sorrow. It is not about love then to empower someone. It is about the power would be held regardless of the consequences. The way you trust someone to be loving and kind, gentle and compassionate is a wonderful gift. When the outcome is different as expected, it turns around and wounds the trusting one deeply. We have seen this process throughout history in many ways and shades.

It’s a universal emotional wound, not just a personal one. The big puzzle shows how the process of trust and betrayal are connected with greed, cruelty, hunger for power and material gain. We see it throughout history as well in our present. Many people still suffer the consequences of betrayal. Keeping people in line by using their love for their loved ones. Betrayal of innocence as well. Creating fear instead of love. All I can do is to address the aspects within my self that had been suffering through lineage over past lives as well those moments in the present lifetime. Whatever or however, the wounds that are healed in each of us personally, will reflect the love and light that shines through. This will create ripples of love in our personal life as well those we encounter.

The time the pieces of the puzzle are coming together is getting nearer and nearer. The moment more and more people become aware of the piece of the puzzle they hold and bring in healing, the ways they behave are changing the people around them. Thus we create not just ripples of love, it will become waves of love. Where love exists, fear cannot. An old saying that I came across in that special book I came across 30 years ago. Not even known in the western world as such. Yet holding a promise that will speak to many more people to come. Each one of us holds that piece of the big puzzle and together we are putting the pieces together. It will be done. As it will heal and restore the past, present and our future.

Love is the master key and it all starts within. We can only show love towards ourselves, the moment we are able to accept and forgive ourselves as well. For the role we played and or still playing because of fear, pain, and sorrow. Healing is needed in every aspect of our life. Love is empowering, compassionate, gentle, kind, raw and ruthless. It is never built on fear, suppression, anxiety, anger or guilt. It is fierce and powerful in its own way. We bring the pieces of the puzzle together to share this energy of Love and Light, for we all are pieces of the same puzzle.

And so it is

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