When do you know you’re ready?

Going through an intense period these past couple of weeks which had to do with releasing old patterns as well partner. I hear this phrase for week now, please release me let me go. I know that I always receive messages through lines of a song. So for me this was like, why and what are you want me to do. I knew this would come from my love on the other side of the veil. As I was pondering, what it could mean for me, it dawned on me it might be time for a new phase in both our lives. Because it doesn’t matter if either of us are not in the same dimension, we are inner connected with the changes as well the healing processes.


I learned to trust this connection over the past 18 months since his transition. I knew it through the emotions that would arise, which were not my own to deal with. The intensity that came with it also brought up experiences we have had through our lifetime spend together. The love we held so high and new also such low points, were a way of honoring the deepest love we held for each other. In such a profound way, it enables me to feel secured and guarded. So I take these messages not lightly, even though I felt some kind of resistance within. Even to the point I would change the lyrics I heard, into please release me, let it go.

Knowing I was cheating on myself, as well the messenger. So this accumulated up to this point this week that I no longer could deny the meaning it held. Our souls were on this journey together, with a promise we made to each other. It was a deep clearing and cleansing period we had to work through when the cancer took of all the masks and shook down all the walls. So we healed each other while going through these steps and process. Love moves mountains, that’s for sure. We lived it and loved through the heart aches and sorrow, into the depths of the souls mission.

So what to do with this message of releasing him and letting him go? It implied that we no longer were connected in the way we have been. The deep love that connects us will never be diminished. Yet it would get a new meaning. It struck me in my personal emotions and feelings as being a wife and partner, a lover. If there would be a change of our relationship, what would that mean to me on this personal level? Am I ready to let go my role in this lifetime? It shook me to the bone to learn that I already was taken a different route, on a different journey. My time here got a whole new meaning after his transition.

I knew it was me-time now. No longer the caretaker or the lover, it was time for me to stand on my own. Creating this lifetime from a totally new perspective. It reconnected me with my deepest inner awareness I never lost, yet was not fully opened in this personal journey. I had taken a step back, in order to give all my love and attention to my love and my family. So the big question for me was, am I ready for the next phase in my life. It took me into a new kind of awareness and perception of who I Am.

Knowing we are multi-dimensional beings, I knew that although my love would go on another lifetime journey, there always is this souls connection. All I had to do is to adjust to the idea it would be a totally different type of relationship. Yet it doesn’t mean I lose my heart connection with his soul even if he would incarnate. This is a different kind of perception. As it took me some weeks to adjust to this question to let him go, release him. It dawned on me, he and I were sharing the journey together, yet not the same life lessons. I knew this all along. Only it became more apparent his week again with this release of the old way we have been together.

I can only move on and forward when I set him free to do the same. We will meet again in a different kind of relationship on this planet when he will commence his new journey. As I also know I will see him when it will be my time to make my transition. So when do you know when you are ready? The moment I felt the release as being ease, after the tears, the allowing, acknowledgement. Most importantly the moment I realized, he will find a way to let me know he will be born again. With all the lifetimes we have shared in different roles, this will be another journey to enter in full faith and confidence. Because a love so deep will never be diminished or gone.

All I have to do is love unconditionally whatever this might bring. Stepping into a new phase on my own, knowing I am not alone. Focus on the steps to take to move forward, to learn and to grow into my being the best way I can. Both of us will be guided and guarded, as will our love be the cord that never will be broken. This time it will be different for my love to incarnate because of all he has released. This knowing is enough for me to release him so he can continue on his journey. That was the moment I knew I am ready to let him go to follow through his own soul’s mission.

“ Love will last forever; deeply connected souls never really part from one another”

And so it will be

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