Looking from the inside out
Sometimes it is as if I am not in this reality.
Feeling like I am in some sort of daydream land,
Moving around on the street and watching people.
Sending them a morning greet and smile
To let them know I see You as a natural gift.
Walking along sometimes I almost bump in someone,
Or trip over an edge of a brick as a warning.
I am shimmering in and out of this world
And move within my own in and out as well.


Being the observant I am, it is a weird sensation
Not to pick up the presence of people around me.
Even when they are standing in front of me,
On the other side of the door and take me by surprise.
Such an unfamiliar sense of feeling to me.
Because I always have my antennae outstanding,
To pick up the emotions and atmosphere around me.
Because that I what I do and who I am,
Able to see through the outer presentations,
Tapping into the energy field that is theirs.
Not invading their privacy, just by invitation.
So for me to be so much out of the present reality,
It also creates some kind of unsettlement.
I am here and yet I am not.
I am looking from within and yet I am not.
It feels like some sort of in between land that
Needs to be explored in order to be recognized.
Cannot make up my mind at times what to do
Or make plans for the near future
Let alone see what lies ahead of me.
All I can do is be present in this current flow,
Which directs me internally most of the time.
Have to really focus in order to read and write
To bring out the energy I feel and sense within.
Theme is actually being in the Now present,
Because that is all I can do and know for the moment.
Anticipating what it will bring for me in the future,
Near of far, to which places it will take me as well.
I feel a pull within my heart as my soul is making
This incarnation trip within my body and heart as well.
Reuniting the mind body soul experience that is,
Not a familiar nor to be predicted about the outcome.
Allowing this process to be and keep my focus on
The way my body feels, what to do if it needs rest,
My concentration is lacking and I cannot read much.
Living form the inside out I am looking around,
Shifting and changing and surrendering to the not knowing.
Lead by intuition and heartfelt feelings, I am moving forward
Looking upward at the sky, the clouds and the Sunrays
As my constant companion and messenger as well
I am looking from the inside out with a different mindset
And a different perspective on all I have been thought,
Believe and know to let my journey enfold.
And so it will be done
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Rhea Dopmeijer

Heartfelt Messages
High Self @RheaDopmeijer ©

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