What is it about Ignorance?

This question popped up after watching the news feed how people tend to react in ways that bring more harm then good. How is it when there is awareness and a loving intent as an opposite energy to bring in harmony and balance is not understood. We are all in need of loving support instead of violence behavior. Anger is a result of fueled fear and there is not much needed apparently to light up a fire. People need an outlet and anger is one of the energies that enables to fuel the fire of disconnection.

Ignorant to the overview of our inner world. It all starts within, the knowledge and love we hold is shared with the outside world. It reflects in our relationships. You can only give of what you hold. Nothing more, nothing less. This is an universal law, which will be a challenge for everyone in order to broaden the inner view. Emotions are perfect tools to show us what we hold as an emotional wound, or the opposite the love we hold in our hearts. Teachings of any kind of religion, philosophy, spiritual insights are tools to broaden the inner horizon as well. It is all up to each of us to bring in the inner light into our relationships.


We are having multi relationships as a human being. Most importantly is the relationship we are having with ourselves. Love is the master key to shed its light on insecurity and lack of self-worth, as well the self-love. The need to feel safe and secure is a basic universal emotion. How to provide yourself with this is partly up to you, as it is part of the choices you make how to react to the challenges and experiences the moment you come into this world. The way we are been brought up, the society and social manners are crucial to feel this safety reflected from the outside inwards. It will also triggers the emotional needs to bring in balance between the sensation of fear, anger, sorrow. So when you are not aware of the connection the inner and outward worlds hold, you are ignorant as well to the outcome of the experiences.

Some people are educated and in high places yet ignorant of what the effect they have in comparison to others who are able to connect from the heart within. The knowing, the possibility it creates to share from the heart is a powerful tool. Even if this means you are not always safe or secured. A lot of great souls have stood up against domination, against racism, against abuse. The message they held was universal. Violence creates only more violence. Peace cannot be attained when it is under threat of restriction. It will fuel just the lingering emotional state a lot of people are being subdued by force, threat, abuse.

It takes courage at times to stand up, in a peaceful manner. It is cor = heart, as in inner core and our hearts desire that creates this. It was easy enough to keep people ignorant all over the world in times we didn’t had television, or internet. The connection we can make with every place or country all over our planet. Showing the many ways people are suffering from neglect and suppression. It does an appeal on each one of us. As it is a trigger to respond to this kind of abuse on such a large scale. When we realize we have a choice, when nation wide people are willing to support and share in order to assist a country at the other side of the world it shifts the energyGiving from the heartcaring for each other is something most of us want to do.

It changes the perspective about ways governments rule a country. It changes the perception how we want to interact with abuse and violence. All of us have a choice to make how to react towards these suppression acts when it is in our close surroundings. It is a time where it is more difficult to stay ignorant for what is happening around us, when it is brought in our faces through images and television. Yet the most important ways of waking up are those in your own relationships. With your parents, your family and friends, nature and the community you live in. Is it a choice to be ignorant? I believe it is not. Ignorance is not being aware how everything is connected and it all starts within.

The inner world of each soul reflects the way we perceive and reflect, our actions and reactions are coming from that place. The connection between our heart and mind, the willingness to be open towards challenges and experiences. An open mind and open heart are more capable to gather the knowledge and wisdom to see how all is connected and where we stand. Yet fear and anger are emotions that prevents us from this. It is easier to look the other way as to undertake steps. Specially when this is something we all know to well through our own experiences. Fear of violence, attacks in our day to day life are being used to keep people ignorant. Indoctrinations and shielding of are tools that are used all over the world.

How can they not see you might think. This goes for both parties, the dominant as well the suppressed. They both lack the inner connection with their inner heart and wisdom, the love that provides the safe and secure place to live in. We as a human being learn through our experiences the duality we live in, the right and wrong. The love versus hatethe anger versus the sorrow it causes. It is something we all have experienced one way or the other. The mass needs to be the force to create a difference. Through awakening of what is right or wrong in order to stand up against aggression and how to react and deal with it. Yet it is a personal journey. We only can create a change from within.

If that means we need to tackle our own fears and needs for love, compassion and understanding. That will create a shift from ignorance to consciousness. It will provide a more balanced and leveled awareness towards our own needs and how this can be changed. The choices we make are significant for the way we can shift from being ignorant to awareness. It is a process, it will be demanding at times, it will be turbulent and intense. It is not something that happens overnight. It will be part of our day to day life. It will ask not just compassion and kindness towards yourself, it also requires you to be compassionate and kind to those around us, that are not yet aware of the impact it has. May we all be the teacher as well the student, the healer as well the healed, in loving connection with each other.

And so it will be done.


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