This all will pass

Going through the high energy that is coming in and through these past weeks, created more and more discomfort in my body. The aches and pain, in my nerve system as well. Feeling the transmitting with a sense of electricity through my body. Temperature rises, as if I am having the hot flashes. Also switches in temperature, cold and hot are changing during the day as it goes by. My eyes seem to be affected as well. As if my vision is off somehow. Trouble to get a clear sight which is creating some difficulty with reading.

Challenging it is also with the full Moon energy that is intensifying the incoming energy as well. Nothing more I can do, then to sit and allow to work through my physical body. It seems the most work is in the transformation of my physical being. My emotional and mental bodies are not being disturbed so much. Every morning waking up with the exhausting sense of hard labor, including a lot of dream work. More tired as usual as well. My body needs more sleep, also during the daytime.

It is also about willingness this process of awakening and transformation. Allowing the energy to go through every cell and atom of my body to change into a crystalline structure. This new way of clearing the old stuck energy, created by the memory bank within the cells as well. Whatever needs clearing and healing will demand attention. To be noticed, in different areas of my body.

Through different experiences as well it makes its entry into my day-to-day awareness. To ask to focus on what is happening.

Here’s what willingness “looks like”: first, you have to be open. Then, you must be ready. Finally, you must be determined, and committed to action. There are also those days called GAP days by Mayan astrology. Galactic Activation Portal Day These are special inter-dimensional days when other dimensions ‘open up’ and are more easily accessible. These are generally high-energy days. Today it is all about Chalice, Grail, Open vessel for Higher Consciousness, Fulfilment, Abundance, Quickening, Higher perspective, Balance of spiritual and physical needs.

To be able to transform any negative or stuck energy is about how to become self-nurturing by finding what brings you joy and Fulfilment. Be willing to ‘not know’, to be empty so that you may be filled with expanded consciousness. Befriend your mind.

This morning waking up with the question I put out there, what more can I endure, how much more discomfort can I handle, where is this going to? The immediate answer came loud and clear: this all will pass. The minute I received this message and confirmation, I felt a sense of release and relief within my whole being. The trust and love that came with this little sentence were enough to settle my anxiety at that moment. Not that my physical discomfort disappeared immediately. Just the knowing it is all about going through the process.

I have been challenged my whole life with this physical awareness going through so many layers and processes. I learned to trust my body to be my guide when I was confronted with difficulties, laying down the groundwork so to speak. It also included old stuck energies through so many lifetimes that came up to work with this lifetime. It always was the catalyst, the teacher and the healer, all in one. At times doubting myself, doubting the outcome. Where would this lead me.

It all leads to this moment in time, right now. With all I have learned, all the growth I have made in these lessons on energy levels, physical, mental, emotional end etheric. It is all connected with each other. It is also connected with all that is, all of creation. To be my own little universe as part of the whole. To be reassured this morning of this challenge, this experience will have an outcome, it all will pass. It is all part of the ascension we are going through this lifetime.

The connection with my High Self and I AM, the incarnation of my Soul in my Heart Space coming together. It is a different way of ascension we all know through history, where the body was left behind. This is about integration and incarnation within the body to hold the energy of Love and Compassion, The Buddha and Christ Energy within our Heart, to express this in our real daily life in a new and unique way. It all will pass, the struggles, the pain, the fear, the anxiety to bring it all into motion.
So, it will be.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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