All you need is love

All you need is Love, it is essential in our life. Even for those who are feeling disappointed by love or what they felt to be the way love shows itself. Fear of love, to be disappointed once more when trust has been violated. Fear of losing the ones we love and afraid to fall in love again. Sometimes the pain and sorrow are so deep ingrained in our heart, we are starting to be afraid of love. Love seems to come with more sorrow then joy for a lot of people all around the world. When love is being dictated it will have no ground to flourish. We will have to be free in order to grow and explore what we need. So when someone says don’t fear love, the resistance lies deep within the emotional and sometimes physical wounds.


The inner child where the memories are about the pain and sorrow of betrayal, of being wounded, she cannot trust herself to love, for it is connected with these negative energies. Or he, for this is an universal issue for so many of mankind. All over the world the laws of love are being destroyed through dominance and fear. This abuse of power which Is most of the time, is part of a cruel game between love and fear, not created by any God in any form. Mankind is been blessed or cursed with free will. We all learn this through our life lessons we create together. Sometimes we can come out of the other end of the black hole we think it is. I came to learn that this black hole is a gift we are presenting ourselves with. In this world of duality we live in, being disconnected from unity, we cannot learn our true nature then to dive in deep into this black hole.

If we want to be part of a change, we can only start from within. There is no such thing we are able to heal any wrong doing, as long we are living  within a turmoil of emotional wounds that needs healing. We all know when we are feeling happy that our energy rises, we are being responding to this flow we experience from this inner well. Depression and anxiety are low energy systems that take the breath away literally most of the times. Stress is another way to lose our balance internally. Yet within these emotions are also the gifts to be found. For we want to change our moods, our way we want to give direction to our life. No one wants to be miserable, anxious, stressed, wounded, in every possible way.

We all need to be loved, confirmed and validated from birth on. Every time we are rejected creates a scare on our heart. What better way to start healing to start with our own emotional inner world. For some this is a challenge that feels to heavy, where live is a burden. Others might find it and most importantly themselves worth wiled to give it a try. There are times throughout the year we can tap in this flow of energy we call love. Where it is somehow the paradox of love/fear is the most tangible. During this time of the year many people are sharing them with loved ones and family and friends. Yet there are a lot of people who are experiencing the sense of loss and loneliness the most during these days. To be on your own doesn’t have to be lonely, or feeling alone and disconnected when the inner connection with the most important power source is restored.

What better way to start your day with expressing love towards yourself. To be gentle and kind, not demanding or denying who you are and can be. Shine your light, don’t forget about the way we feel when someone expresses their love for you. Even when they depart doesn’t mean they stop loving you, as you don’t stop loving them. Love is a powerful fuel, as much as is the air we breathe to stay alive. Without proper care and nourishment no one can flourish and grow. We need to be held and hugged, we need the music of love in our lives. We die bit by bit if we are being cut off from Love, we see the images and despair every day in the news. We have a responsibility towards each other as well towards ourselves.

This is also part of Love you know. Love is about caring and sharing. Love is about growing together. Love is about being safe and protected. Love is about allowing and respect. To be part of each other is also to be part of ourselves. We cannot ignore what is lying within our hearts. Each and every soul wants to express Love. So I ask you, do you love yourself? If not, what are you afraid of? If fear is an ally more than love has been, maybe it is time for change. If change is what you fear, you may wonder what love has got to do with it. Love wants you to embrace it, full heartedly. Love wants to meet you in your heart  center to let you know, it knows. There is no place within love isn’t aware of. It will always seek you in these dark places to bring in its light.

All you need is love, it is sacred and essential for it is the Life essence that creates all we are in a new way if we let it. Be aware, become consciousness when you feel the love searching the connection, within the emotional wounds, the sorrow and the painful experiences. Love is patience, it will always be there for you to remember, to reunite and to reconnect. It will never give up on you. I love you.

And so it will be

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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