Entering a New Decade

We all are aware of the change of this year, it is coming to an end, which opens a New year for many to celebrate. We all are engaged one way or another, sending each other the best wishes and love for a new year to come. For those living on their own, it may be challenging times these past few weeks.

Thinking about the ones we had to see our goodbyes too. Or those who are no longer part of our lives anymore. Some moved to another city or a different country. Others just remain in their own place, while you moved away.

Movement is something connected with this changing of our calendar year in the western world. We don’t all have the same dates to celebrate or give thanks for the year that has passed. It is universal energy where we take measurements of that what has passed.


A review of the events that have colored our life, the positive and the negative. For we tend to bring in this duality when it comes to balance. How could we otherwise balance things out? In retrospect, we may even see a positive outcome after a negative experience.

To see the deeper meaning of our experiences, we need to bring in a different perspective. To step out of the way sometimes from our personal perspective. Like you get on higher ground to see more details that are part of the equation. The Eagle View so you will.

What are your expectations when you go into this new decade, we call 2020? Do you remember how you were holding back at times, out of fear or anxiety? How is your present state of mind? To be more mindful requires a different mindset as well. Not to dwell in the past, nor look at the future ahead.

This present moment in time, writing this message is all I got right now. To be fully aware of my surroundings. Not in a way that might cut me off from experiencing the way things are moving around me. With my children or grandchildren, a newborn in the family today as well the birthday of my oldest turning 40 today.

Being at their place energetically, through time and space moving at the same time. Brings me to Dubai, to my hometown, to different places in my country through all the new year wishes, messages, announcements while staying on the other side of the pond.

The more we become aware of this multi-dimensional presence we are, the lighter the perception of energy will become. This process of evolving is part of our natural way through learning and teaching. Through healing and remembering. On the verge of this new decade, it offers possibilities.

This brings to our attention the things we don’t want any longer or what we really want out of life. Always that paradigm between what you want to let go of or will achieve. If this process is colored through self-love and self-worth it will assist you to do what’s best for you. To feel home being you.

Every moment waking up, either in a morning or in a new year, we actually start from where we are. At that moment in time. We wonder what the Day will bring, or what a new year might. Every awaken hour will bring in harmony, joy, happiness, expansion of your true self-being.

So, love yourself as hard as you can, bring in all the love back in your systems, your physical, mental, emotional and energy-wise. Fill it up to the brim, till love spills over. Then step forward in the new moment you created for yourself, through Love. Then you are at your top game to enter a new decade, a new You.

So, on this note, may you enter this new decade as we call it in order to create the best new version of your self. Love and bring love, shine your light, stand tall and remember your true potential being part of Creation as well the creator of your life.

And so, it is

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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