Wave after wave, time after time

Or is it time after time, wave after wave. This song sprung to mind when I read the word wave. We all are
waving in our own experiences in our day to day life. It is changing with every new period we are going
through. Our lifetime span is a build up from challenges as well possibilities. We grow up to be an adult,
becoming more and more aware of what life has to offer. The way it is colored by new people coming
into our life, the birth of children, finding a partner, a loved one, family relations. Sometimes people
disappear from your life as well, in different ways.


It is been expressed in the way we are growing up, how we are being mirrored by the way our parents
raised us. How our social network is reflected through the way we have learned our lessons along the
way. Presented by the interactions we have with other people, in different roles and situations. Our role as a parent is different from the role of an employee, or as a lover without children. How we are feeling
within the way we are evolving, is also colored by the way we handle changes. The choices we make
during the path we think we need to walk, or do not feel fit any longer.

Sometimes things seem to repeat itself, like there is one wave after another that is feeding our sorrow or
fear, our anxiety, or our anger even. When it comes to relations or situations that are not feeling safe,
having lack of control. Or when we are dealing with financial issues, that keep on coming, time after time.
Waves of emotions, roller coaster moment of experiencing that might give us the feel we are drifting.
Losing solid ground under our feet so to speak. It may be about repeating old patterns, creating the
same issues time after time.

Sometimes it takes us more time to understand what is happening. What is creating the sense of losing
control, drowning in the emotional sea and wave after wave that keeps us restrained. When we can see
and recognize the key issue that is underlying the problem or issue, we are able to change. Get some
grip on it how to deal with it in a different way. How to stop the pattern that was created through
experiences over the years. Time after time, we are being challenged until we find the key to stop this an
find new ways.

When I think of the reality of today, where we are all in some kind of lockdown, it may feel as if every
change comes rapidly. Like wave after wave of new findings, news all over the world, the universal issue
that is at hand. Every day is colored through the way we are dealing with this challenge. How we can
allow the energy to be felt, to recognize what has been touched. Or still is touched because this news will
come in every day in new ways.

This process of learning, how to deal with it on such a big scale is appealing to a totally different aspect for humanity. On a personal level as well society level. Every time we turn on the news, there is another
wave of energy which creates fear for most people. All the different insights will also create more
insecurity, which will create more triggers as well on personal levels. It is also a wave of energy that is
directly connected with our health. Our health is directly connected with our way of living. Our way of
living is directly connected with our sense of well being.

Time after time, there have been messages we need to take better care of our planet, as well the
inhabitants. This event is clearly bringing up all the discrepancies that are existing all over the earth. We
must look at countries where hunger is a day to day issue. Where hygiene is a problem, where housing
is often dangerously affecting the health as well. We all know the images we see and watch on
television, or on our internet channels. We have seen all those vulnerable ones that are being crushed in
the systems.

Time after time, we have been challenged to create a more stable and healthy ways for all of humanity. There have been many messages about the way we can change not just our own position, yet also for
those who are seemingly less fortunate. Well, I do not think they are less fortunate, they only are being
denied of proper care in any area of their life at the cost and expense of a few. The way we are denying
every form of life to grow and expand. Lack of empathy as well towards those who came between the
wheels of fortune of others.

Wave after wave has gone over our planet to open eyes. Our consciousness in order to realize we are all
in this together. Every life is as precious as any other, there is no measuring device which will determine who should live a healthy life and who does not. We as humanity have the decision to make, if we can create a different outcome this time, after all these times we have shut our eyes and ears. We can make
this earth a better place for anyone living on it. We all can take our responsibility to own our actions.

When we feel like drowning, when wave after wave of bad news is flooding into our living rooms, its time
for change of perspective. It is time to change our perceptions as well in the needs we have, what makes
us happy. It is not the material wealth we can bring with us when we made our transition. It is about the
messages of love we have been sharing with those around us. The way we can honor and respect every
member of our family, related by blood or not. We are creating our own reality, together as one entity.

Time will tell, even when the waves are slowing down, we still need to be alerted to do the best we can
do. For the highest good of our family, for the highest good for all. We need to accept the reality that there are so many who are not been taking care of in the way they deserve. We need to address those
who want to profit only from difficult times. We need to stand out maybe, to see what we can achieve,
when we all do this from the heart, so we can change the heart of the matter. Creating a healthy place
for every living being, a sacred space for everyone, because that is our birthright.

In loving connection with each other, we can only show our true colors, time after time, wave after wave.
So, it will be done.

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Rhea Dopmeijer

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